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The Incredible Hulk #399 Pg. 18 (1992)

TIH #399 Pg. 18

Hulk close up!

I just may have something for pg 18 of comic pages – because out of all my acqisitions – 3 of them are page #18.  This one has to be the one page I own that has the most characters on it!  Not being a huge fan of Jan Duursema’s short run – but you have to give her sort of a break… I mean she had to take over when Dale Keown gave a quick departure.

The Leader - with his cronies... and Aggy...

This one page has the Hulk, Leader, Rock, Redeemer, U-Foes, and Agamemnon!  That’s a whole lot of Hulky goodness on one page!  This is actually part of the “Ghosts of the Past” storyline and it’s one that you should read if you haven’t.

The U-Foes... all smug and all