Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

Hulk Necklace (2003)

Hulk Necklace

I found this gem at a store in Attleboro, MA called Wild Tim Comics. The store was packed with some real good stuff – I have added it to my Stores page – and they had a whole lot of older Hulk stuff that I never picked up. This is one of them. A little Hulk charm – looks Gary Frank inspired – on a leather necklace.

The Hulk Charm

I used to wear crap like this back in the early 90’s – and don’t judge me because EVERYONE wore leather bands and such as cool jewelry. That and flannel. And long, greasy hair. It was cool! Maybe those trends need to come back – and I am just the guy to do it!

Hulk PF with his new bling...