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The Incredible Hulks #621 (2011) – The Review

Chaos War #5 - READ THIS FIRST!

The Incredible Hulks #621 - Then Read This...

Some major spoilers ahead – and not just for this issue – for the Chaos War finale.  You are supposed to read Chaos War #5 before reading this issue – it’s not totally necessary – but Marvel really wants to sell books so that’s what they tell you.  See, Herc defeats the Chaos King and becomes a God again – an all powerful being – but he gives that up so that everyone is okay again on Earth.  Basically anyways… I mean, there is more to it – but basically Herc is no longer a God.

"Monsters" - a term the Hulk will never get used to

When I say everyone is okay on Earth – I just mean that the everyone stuck in limbo is no longer there.  But the Hulk feels like his family is still getting the shaft.  He makes his case to Hercules – but Herc informs the Hulk that he no longer is a God – or even has the power to do much to help him.  He points Hulk in the direction of Mt. Olympus – yes, THAT Mt. Olympus.

Herc... you douche...

 So Hulk is off – fighting Cyclops and Centaurs and Medusa – even getting knocked around a bit by other Gods like Poseidon – all to get to someone with the power to maybe do something for the Hulk family.  The one and only: Zeus.  Of course isn’t taking visitors – especially ones who storm his home – but Hulk isn’t one to take no for an answer.

Homer... er... Hulk's Odyssey

Okay – I am going to just throw this out there – I think I am going to add Pelletier to one of my favorite Hulk artists – his stuff is freakin’ gorgeous!  I loved so much of this book I have a hard time choosing a piece to gush over – although the Hulk fighting all of the creatures on Olympus is pretty amazing!  Grade: A