Marvel Masterworks… The Update!

MM Volume #8

MM Volume #39

I ended up picking up all of the green cover/gold frame Hulk MM.  It was bothering me too much not have them all this way.  When I originally picked up a grey cover it was a direct order from my LCS and that’s what they gave me.  It goes without saying that they no longer get my business when it comes to these books.

MM Volume #56 - For some reason THIS book was the hardest for me to track down for a reasonable price

I love the MM collections.  I think I picked one of these up for retail – and from then on I’ve been smarter than that.  Most of the time I can find these on ebay for a good deal – or amazon – or even better, I wait till some of the comic shops are having a good sale and I snag which ever ones I want.  I am currently up to date with the Hulk MM – but I am also seeking out some of his better appearances.  You’ll see what I mean next Wednesday…

MM Volume #78

MM Volume #115 - The latest to be released


7 responses to “Marvel Masterworks… The Update!

  1. OMG!!! You must be very very very RICH!!!!!!! Are you a millonaire? wow!! Lucky you!

  2. A coupla weeks back I picked up MM# 148 with the Defenders and I just love it. Hey Ratch, which top collection volume would you like to see reprinted? I would like to see Hulk vs Avengers, Thor (since there making a movie) and the order with the Defenders.

  3. I picked that up too – I am loving the Defenders collections! Wait till Monday I will show off the other MM volumes!

  4. Me too I used to love Defenders from 70’s!

  5. I love the variant editions of these books–I never did buy the silver regular editions, but preferred to instead keep everything in the same format as the very first Hulk Masterworks volume I bought back in 1988 (the one that currently is signed by Stan Lee & Dick Ayers). Great fun!


  6. tristan mccormick

    Is Hulk gonna get a volume 6 anytime soon or another omnibus? It’s been a year now hasn’t it?

  7. I think it has… but I haven’t seen anything saying which MM are set to be released…

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