The Incredible Hulks #622 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #622

I don’t usually post on Friday – but I feel like I am constantly a week behind with Hulk issues – so in an attempt to catch up – here is a special Friday review of the latest Hulk to hit the shelves!  Enjoy!

Now, raise your hand if you thought the Hulk was going to give Zeus a great fight.  Is your hand raised?  Because mine is.  Now, raise you hand if you were just kidding yourself.  My hand is up again – because, let’s be honest here – we’re dealing with freaking Zeus here… I mean the first thing he did when Hulk reached him was throw a thunderbolt at him.  Pak writes this issue beautifully – and even though, as a Hulk fan, it pains me to admit it, there are characters out there that can beat the Hulk!  And, yes, the King of the Gods is one of them.

The Hulks are busy...

While the other members of the Hulk family are trying to reach the Hulk to lend a hand – although they are dealing with mythic beasts themselves – Hulk lands the first blow on Zeus and sends him flying.  This may give you a bit of early confidence in the Hulk – but that’s very quickly lost when Zeus strikes back.  The Hulk is sent flying across Olympus and finds hid family battling their own monsters.  He tells them to get out of there – before they ruin everything!

Zeus gives the Hulk both barrels...
Hulk fights for his family

Hulk leaps back to a ready Zeus who immediately dispatches the Hulk and makes him puke up  about half the green blood in his body.  Hera looks the Hulk over and deems him beaten – but the Hulk says it doesn’t matter – he just wants them to give his family what they are owed.  Hera looks into the Hulk and sees who he is talking about – but Zeus laughs off the Hulk’s sacrifice saying “Wrong religion” with a final blow, knocking the Hulk out.

Betcha can't eat just one!

When the Hulk wakes up Hephaestus has chained the Hulk up and the vultures begin to pick the meat off of his body.  For three days the Hulk continues to heal – only for the vultures to eat more… until Herc comes to save the day… with the rest of the Hulk clan.  They bring the Hulk off the mountain – as Hera and Zeus watch from the top.  Hera asks what happens now and Zeus says nothing.  The Hulk now knows Zeus’ power and he doubts the Hulk will forget it for a long time.

Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, a group of villagers from the Red King’s empire are talking to one of the bugs from Planet Hulk.  They are not interested in the bug’s claim that the Green Scar still walks the Earth unpunished – until of course when Miek walks into the tent all pissed off.

Miek... ready for revenge

Even the biggest Hulk fan can’t be upset about this beat down – I mean, the Hulk was pitted against Zeus!  The fight went as it should have – and all the Prometheus stuff was great.  Pak delivers another great issue.  Thank goodness he is back.  Grade: A

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21 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulks #622 (2011) – The Review

  1. I haven’t picked up this issue yet but the outcome does seem fair considering that Zeus gave Thor all he could handle back in Thor Annual 8 ( 1979 ).Sky Fathers are on the level of heralds of Galactus and we both know in a all out fight with the Surfer the Hulk would lose and in fact did
    lose back in TIH 250.

    The only point I would nitpick about ( and again I haven’t read the issue but
    I feel like I have because of all I’ve read about it ) is in a purely physical fight wouldn’t the Hulk make a better showing ? I know that even though he isn’t vaporizing the Hulk with a thought the same energies which enable him
    to do that give him his strength. It isn’t like when the Surfer couldn’t access
    the Power Cosmic in Planet Hulk. I hope that makes sense.

    I hope to have the issue in hand tomorrow. The art looks awesome ! And Pak is, well, Pak !

  2. @loganblue,
    Iam sure he will this is not the first time Hulk was beating remember Red Hulk fight in Hulk #3 or #4 when he broke his arm? well he came back from that, so yes I thank Hulk will kill or hurt Zeus really really bad in time.

  3. EEEWW that make me sick! my stoamch is gueasy when I saw these blood and reading about eating Hulk’s skin…EW! GROSS! ugh I am so glad I no longer Hulk’s fan but I still checking on your site because I am curious that all..EW! EW!

  4. I mention in your Review on Incredible Hulks 621 that I’m gonna skip this arc, because, well, it doesn’t seem necessary. But I always LOVE your reviews, you give these comics better reviews then the reviews on IGN. That site almost always give the Hulks comic around a 7 or a 6, even on good Hulk comics like Incredible Hulk #608 or #620. The only thing I find bothersome on YOUR site (I’m not trying to be mean), is that you are very bias against Jeph Loeb’s work. I could understand that you don’t like that writer, heck I don’t like most of his modern work, but you always talk about him as if he’s an idiot or someone who destroyed the Hulk’s comics. But you, yourself have been “generous” to his comics by giving him mostly Bs and Cs. Heck, you even given Hulk #18(The one with Doc Samson in therapy) an A-, which was MUCH higher then IGN’s stupid rating of 6.8. But even in that review you were mean to Jeph, by comparing him to a Dog’s butt that occasionally see the sun. That is just plain mean. He wrote great stuff like Batman: The Long Halloween, Superman For All Seasons, and Batman: Hush……..but then again has written bad comics like Wolverine: Evolution, Ultimatum, and New Ultimates……me thinks that he worked better as a DC writer then a Marvel writer. Why did he switch? Oh well, he isn’t writing the Hulk any more, so there is no more reason for you to complain about a bad comic he’s written, even though you still criticize him at times. Now Jeph is currently writing two Ultimate universe comics, that have been plague with delays. One of the comics are good (Ultimate X), the other one, even though I only read the first issue, sucks (New Ultimates). I’m sorry that I wrote a lot, and that I seem like a Jeph Loeb fan (which I AM), but I just wanted to defend one of my favorite writers.

    1. No worries Transformers – I guess I could let the Loeb bashing take a back seat since he’s out of the Hulk business now. I am glad that you like him – my big issue with his Hulk writing is that he didn’t seem to care about continuity at all – not to mention that he used splashy “events” to sell the book rather than good storytelling. Even as a Loeb fan – I hope you’d even admit that the punching the Watcher scene was ridiculous.

  5. I have an other thing to say…….how much longer do you think Greg Pak will stay as the Hulks writer? I would love to see him as the writer for years to come, but I know he will leave, probably soon. And if he does leave, what writer do you want to replace him?

    I hope it is Jeph Loeb, he writes such GREAT Hulk stories…….HeHe, I’m just joking. I know that you hate Jeph Loeb, along with most people on this site. I was just trying to be funny.

    1. That was funny…

      I would like to see Pak stay on for a while – but if he did leave I would love to see Mark Millar take on the Hulk

  6. I love Greg Pak’s take on Hulk thus far I’m only sick of this ” Hulk family” crap. Hulk is a loner and he’s better a loner. THE INCREDIBLE HULK not HULKS PLEASE!!!!!!

    1. I don’t mind the Hulk family, besides I know it won’t last long. I hope Marvel comes up with some stupid Hulk event that will get rid of all of the Hulks’ powers (Possible Title: Death of Hulks???), except for Bruce Banner (of coarse), and Betty Ross. Why Betty Ross, well because I would love to see those characters get closer together. They may both have to go on the run, similar how Banner had to go on the run, except he isn’t alone that time. It can become a “Bonnie and Clyde” thing, two lovers on the run. I will like to see that for a few issues, but eventually the Hulk WILL go back being alone, I know that for sure.

  7. Yeah that would awesome. Maybe a possibility in this ” Fear itself” crossover coming up. I wonder if Grek Pak will write the Hulk part of it or Matt Fraction? I don’t think Fraction ever wrote Hulk before.

  8. Well, I might as speak my mind about this.

    If Hulk would beat Zeus or a Sky-Father of equal power, even just once, that’d be enough for me. He wouldn’t have to do it all the time. I mean, Hulk/Banner getting one big victory wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

    There’s still plenty of powerful beings out there in the Marvel Universe for Hulk to battle. Just because if he would beat someone on Odin or Zeus caliber once, it doesn’t mean that he’ll do it every single time. It wouldn’t mean that he’d not have to team-up with other heroes if Galactus, Celestials, Thanos with Cosmic Cube and/or Infinity Gauntlet, etc. would threaten the planet or universe.

    Hulk is my favorite character. He isn’t invincible, but then again nobody in comics is, and he doesn’t have to be. I don’t want Hulk beating Galactus either! I’m not that crazy. Nobody on earth, mortal and immortal alike, could hope to best Galactus in direct confrontation.

    Still, I tend to never undestimate what Banner/Hulk are capable of doing. If Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, and Thanos can overcome beings above Sky-Father level with a combination of tech, tactics, prep and power, I don’t see why Banner/Hulk wouldn’t be capable of doing the same. Hulk is the Strongest There Is, while Bruce Banner is one of the Smartest There Is. They’d come up with something.

    Even you have to admit that if Zeus hadn’t taken Hulk’s powerset/abilities away, I’m more than willing to bet that the fight would’ve gone a lot different. Still, even Greg Pak stated that, and I quote: No one on Earth could have done as well as the Hulk did in that fight. And it’s also questionable whether Zeus kept his word in the end. It was supposed to be a purely mano-a-mano battle, right? But isn’t Zeus throwing a lightning bolts at the end?

    However, I think we must also discuss some things about this, some things that we might be overlooking. What if Hulk went against Zeus at the peak of his power, at World-Breaker levels? What is Zeus couldn’t/is unable take away World-Breaker Hulk’s powerset?

    These is one of the main questions. We know that when Hulk is at his angriest that he’s been known to overcome powerful magic and draining tactics, so if Hulk went after Zeus at his peak of rage, how do we know for sure that the Sky-Father would be able to strip away his powerset? It’s an interesting subject.

    Could it also be argued that if Hulk/Banner used a combination of tech, prep, tactics and power that they’d be able to overcome Zeus in a confrontation?

    This is another topic I think we’re not looking into enough. Hey, if guys like Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, Thanos and the like can overcome extremely powerful entities with this combination, why can’t Banner/Hulk do the same? I don’t see a problem here at all.

    Now, lastly, if Hulk’s powerset was left unaffected when he faces Zeus, would it be hard to imagine Hulk coming out on top in a confrontation with Zeus? I mean, even if Zeus would increase his strength and destructive mystical energies to their peak, would not Hulk’s intense adaptive powerset eventually overcome it? Yes, Zeus can amp his power to great levels, but it has limitations? And he’s not invunerable. Zeus can be harmed. If Hulk smashes hard and keeps getting stronger with each passing second, is it not possible that he could eventually pummel even beings like Zeus or Odin to a bloody pulp?

    Like I said, these are things that few people take into consideration.

    The Hulk doesn’t have to be all-powerful. However, I also expect his stories to be great, especially if he’s written by someone who knows how to utilize him correctly. Don’t get me wrong. Feats of power and strength are impressive, as is taking down a powerful being/entity, but that is almost secondary when one gets a deep emotional story.

    That’s why I enjoyed and loved Incredible Hulk #611 so much. It was a perfect balance of powerful action and deep emotional storytelling. That’s what truly matters.

    It’s not the fact that Hulk lost that’s enraged so many fans, but it is the execution of the confrontation against Zeus that irks so many of us. Now if it were done like this, we Hulk fans wouldn’t have been so ticked off- Hulk could have defeated all the other Olympian Gods, one by one, until finally meeting Zeus who would best Hulk by using his powers to their fullest limits. This could have allowed Pak to make for a longer and much better run on the God Smash, rather than cramming it into two issues. There was just so much that could be done with this angle involving Greek Mythology.

    I just feel like we were cheated, not only in the confrontation between Hulk & Zeus, but the whole event.

    I’d kill for a Hulk saga that involves him battling mystical monsters, gods and beings from various pantheons and mythologies. I mean, who wouldn’t? The thought of Hulk battling Surtur, Typhon, Tyrant, Mangog, Titans, Gods and Monsters is definitely something that I would like to see. A whole different and unique approach for the Hulk.

    Perhaps, with Mark Waid taking the reigns of the series, we’ll get our desires of great Hulk stories fulfilled.

    1. Wow – great read Green! My only thought was that the Hulk went to the mount expressly to give himself up as a sacrifice to spare the rest of the Hulk family (which turned out to be an extremely BAD idea – not shockingly). He was setting himself up to fail. That’s what I think when I re-read that story line. Pak is an intelligent writer and he knew what he was doing.

      I do agree it’s nice to see Hulk come out victorious against the biggest odds – it’s what us Hulk fans LIVE for! He can’t win all the time though… and I think this was one of those times I had no problem with his defeat. The Hulk is still one of the strongest there is – the only hero to crack Onslaughts armor!

      1. Thanks.

        Yeah, it was quite evident that Hulk was there to sacrifice himself. He wasn’t really fighting back or even motivated to defend himself. I believe if Hulk/Banner wanted to take Zeus down, they could’ve done it. But that would defeat the purpose of sacrificing theirself for the sake of his family. Still, all in all, it did show how noble and selfless Hulk is. My posts get a lot of flark on, even from Hulk fans.

        However, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we’d get a rematch between Hulk & Zeus, one in which Hulk was out for blood? Hulk doesn’t have to win all the time, but I’d like to see him overcome and win some really big fights against really formidable foes on caliber with Sky-Fathers/Elder Gods. Care to share your thoughts, Ratch?

  9. Not shocking that members get all uppity when you discuss the Hulk. If there is one thing that gets people on either side all riled up… it’s talking about the jade giant!

    Here’s the thing – Hulk can already take gods (Thor) but Odin – who is the same as Zeus – is stronger. Hulk may beat Thor – but the Hulk JUST beats Thor so I have no issue with Zeus beating him – although I think it would take a whole lot more than what Pak wrote. I would like to see an epic battle – if the Hulk takes it I have no issue with it, as long as it is written well, if Zeus takes it… I have no issue with it either.

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