More Marvel Masterworks Fun!

Defenders - the first release

Now, here are the latest MM I’ve picked up.  I am making sure not to be swindled into purchasing the silver editions anymore – I think, like Gary Miller said in the comments last week, it looks so much better to have the books that look similar.

Defenders - 2nd release

Of course the most recent in these pictures is the second Defenders volume.  One thing I love about these issues is when they collect every issue that pertains to the storyline – even when it’s not part of the series.  The Defenders do that – the first volume doesn’t just start with issue #1 – or even Marvel Features Presents #1 – no, they go back to the SubMariner #34/35.  I love that!

FF with Hulky issues #111 and #112

The very rare Amazing Spiderman #119 and #120 are reprinted here

I picked up the volume with Hulk guest shots in Spiderman, X-Men and FF as well – I have almost every volume of the FF that has the Hulk in it – this one having issue #112 in it.  Funny enough – the Hulk also appears at the end of issue #111, also has quick shots in #113, #114 and #116.  I would never have known that if not for these collections!  Take my advice – make sure you do not pay full price – find someone selling for at least 20%-50% off.  That’s how I roll…

Hulky goodness all over this MM - X-Men volume.


4 responses to “More Marvel Masterworks Fun!

  1. I loved the Defenders/Avengers war (or clash) it seems as if the JLA vs Avengers kinda sampled this story line. Quiz time: how many times has the Defenders fought the Avengers and name comics where this events happened?

  2. Ohhh…. That’s a good question!

    How many different stories – or how many individual comics?

  3. I would have to say stories, so the Defenders/Avengers war counts a one. By the way we are finally get a Doc Strange and the whole original Avengers box set figures, see ENI.COM for pics in the Marvel section.

  4. Oh yes – I saw that too! If I get a good pic of it I will make sure to post it here too! Looks real good!

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