Cover to #624 – on FB right now

Keown has provided the pencils to his cover to #624 – and I have to say I geeked out a little!  Click on the image for Dale’s FB

Published by ratchet

I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

13 thoughts on “Cover to #624 – on FB right now

  1. Damn I wish I could draw like that. Eventhough the hulk would kill captain America easily lol

    Hey ratchet since the hulk tore wolverine in half in the comics do u think he could smash captain Americas shield?

  2. Ratchet I know your hulk knowledge is far greater than mine but I think it’s debate able. Thor was able to dent the shield with his hammer. And if the hulk could rip apart adamantium. I don’t see why he couldn’t smash Vibranium under the right circumstances. But who knows I guess lol

    1. You know – I just wrote that quick – but you may be right. I’ll have to bring this up on the forums and see where people stand with this…

  3. I think that if the Hulk reached angry insane power levels like in the last ish of World War Hulk he can. In that ish Hulk just walking was creating earthquakes. In Marvel team-up#18 Hulk crushed Adamantimum and made it into a cage for Blastarr and in Secret Wars#12 Hulk damaged Ultron who’s made of the same metal. Thor with his hammer in countless Avengers ish could not. Vibranimum absorbs impacts, but can be broken. Caps sheild is a mix of those two metals.

  4. Thank you sir! By the way I just picked up Thunderbolts#153 just for the Juggernaut vs Hyperion battle (I’m a sucker for powerhouse fights). Both of these guys have fought Hulk, so I wanted to see who had the upper hand. I won’t say who won, but I will say that one guy needed his team mates to get the upper hand. Nothing can stop juggernaut…….yeah, right.

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