Hulk Paperweight 2 (2010)

Paperweight 2

Here is yet another Hulk piece I have had for a while that I never posted!  The first set, as you might remember, was a set of 6 that spelled out Marvel, when they were all put together.  Hulk is the R in that set.  Here is a new set they brought out – of the Avengers – and this time he is on the G.  Wouldn’t it have been freaky if he was on the R again?  Get it?  R – Ratchet?  Get it?  I need a life…

Close Up - Hulk with shading this time!


6 responses to “Hulk Paperweight 2 (2010)

  1. Hey there. Did you change your email?

  2. Well, I am getting back into the swing of things. Hope all is well with you. I miss this place. Anyway, I will be shooting you an email soon! It came back as address not valid, but maybe I did something wrong.

    • You never have to miss us here – this site will always be here… well, hopefully. I mean, if I ever have to sell off the collection – at least the site will be here

  3. perish the thought! Hey I wanted to get your opinion on this… it’s safe to say that the Doctor lady from 25 is that naked looking chic from the Rogues Gallery teaser?

  4. Thought I’d go ahead and be the first to talk about the paperweight, I have it myself and I think it looks pretty good but one complaint……. size not to scale. I mean he’s no bigger than the rest. Even if he stood straight up he’d be the same height as Thor! Other than that I really like it.

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