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The Siver Surfer #1 out of 5

For any Hulk completists out there – just to keep you in the loop – the Hulk has small, one panel appearances in both the new Silver Surfer mini – AND the Marvel Girl 1-shot.  So, go get ’em if you want!  The Surfer issue is really good to boot!  It’s like an extra bonus!

Marvel Girl 1-Shot

Hulk #30 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #30 - Compound Hulk!

Is it in McG’s contract that he only work on frivolous Hulk stories?  I mean, this isn’t as bad as Loeb’s stuff – but it sure was silly.  Well, I don’t know what else to expect when we see “Compound Hulk” on the cover!  But hey, at least there is some continuity in play here.  The story starts (and ends) with Impossible Man – you know when that character appears that what will come next can be explained in one word… ridiculous.

Woodgod - has seen better days

Hold on – let me start with the fact that the Red Hulk beats up Woodgod who tells his “Father”, none other than Xemnu, the original Hulk.  Xemnu is back to beat the Hulk – but is confronted with the Red Hulk instead.  Too bad Red’s not immune to Xemnu’s mind control – and with that Red begins to beat himself up.  Hulk shows up to save the day – except Xemnu has a whole slew of aliens ready to beat the Hulk up.

Xemnu is back... again...

Impossible Man is there to watch – but when Xemnu’s monsters begin beating the Hulks he decides to step in – mainly because he doesn’t want to see the Earth destroyed.  He pulls out a ray gun and shoots the Hulks and WHAMO!  Compound Hulk is born.  And yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds.  But not totally terrible either…

...but this time he is not alone...

The Hulks – even though they share the same body now – can’t seem to agree and continue to have trouble getting anything done.  Matters get worse when Xemnu releases his real secret weapon – a creation that is everything that he feels is good with the Hulk – and nothing left in that he loathes!  So, in other words, a grey, super smart, strong Hulk… only it’s called Kluh!  Get it?

Kluh... hopefully this is the last ime we see this character...

The Hulks finally start working together to defeat Kluh – and next, using Fin Fang Foom’s fiery breath (that’s him, right?  It’s sure looks like him if it’s not) to burn the hair off of Xemnu.  Impossible man says that was a lot of fun – and even suggests that they take the act on the road – but in the end the Hulks are separate and go their separate ways.

Xemnu is mostly robotic... like Darth Vader

Maybe it’s still coming off of the Loeb run – but this story was a just bit too out there.  There’s funny – and then there’s this… which was chuckle worthy a few times – but overall… I feel like I wasted $4.  Grade: C-

The Hulks refuse to stay together