Also on the Stands!

The Siver Surfer #1 out of 5

For any Hulk completists out there – just to keep you in the loop – the Hulk has small, one panel appearances in both the new Silver Surfer mini – AND the Marvel Girl 1-shot.  So, go get ’em if you want!  The Surfer issue is really good to boot!  It’s like an extra bonus!

Marvel Girl 1-Shot

6 responses to “Also on the Stands!

  1. I am excited for the Silver Surfer.

    Sometimes I just love to read stories about guys with ridiculous power levels doing huge scale stuff (except superman).

  2. Great! Looks like I’ll be grabbing up Marvel Girl #1 next week…


  3. Glad I could help 🙂

  4. Ratch, two things… Expect something in the mail soon if not right away. Also, if you ever notice Red in a title even as a cameo I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know. I think I have them all listed on the site, but you seem to have a lot more experience than me.

  5. Yeah I have them. I think I’m good but hey if you ever come across something I’d have no chance of knowing about, lmk. Thank you sir

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