Also on the Stands!

The Siver Surfer #1 out of 5

For any Hulk completists out there – just to keep you in the loop – the Hulk has small, one panel appearances in both the new Silver Surfer mini – AND the Marvel Girl 1-shot.  So, go get ’em if you want!  The Surfer issue is really good to boot!  It’s like an extra bonus!

Marvel Girl 1-Shot

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6 thoughts on “Also on the Stands!

  1. I am excited for the Silver Surfer.

    Sometimes I just love to read stories about guys with ridiculous power levels doing huge scale stuff (except superman).

  2. Ratch, two things… Expect something in the mail soon if not right away. Also, if you ever notice Red in a title even as a cameo I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know. I think I have them all listed on the site, but you seem to have a lot more experience than me.

  3. Yeah I have them. I think I’m good but hey if you ever come across something I’d have no chance of knowing about, lmk. Thank you sir

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