The Incredible Hulks #623 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #623

So, yeah… I know this review is a bit late – a few days late – but, to be honest, I wasn’t all that jazzed about the issue.  The art of Dale Eaglesham was not my favorite – a real downgrade from Pelletier – and I hate to say it – but even the story was leaving me underwhelmed.  I mean, maybe it’s a direct result of the new… different art style – maybe it’s because it’s the start of a new storyline and it’s just getting going but either way I finished reading the issue and I am not all that excited to see where the next issue leads.

Hulk - showing off his pimp coat

Basically, the Hulk is being treated for his injuries from the fight with Zeus.  The Hulk isn’t really into being treated – or into a recovery – or into being the Hulk… anymore – I think, anyways.  But Hulk gets a message about heading to the Savage Land – and that’s where he heads off to – leaving behind everyone except Skaar, Korg, Elloe and No-Name. 

Hulk does kick a "little" butt in this issue

They arrive to a dinosaur attack which Hulk immediately leaps into action – but also immediately gets bitten by another humongous reptile.  Ka-Zaar has to help the Hulk out – mainly due to his loss of power from the Zeus beat down Hulk is now… well, kind of a pussy.  Sorry for the spicy language – but he totally reminded me of a cat.  Wait – what did you think I meant?

"Woah! Would you look at the butt on that!" - "Yeah, he must work out..."

Later that night as the whole crew sleeps – the bugs come and take Hulk away – to the bigger, stronger Miek – who, as he says, has something NEW to fight for.  I mean – not a bad issue in total – just not all that interesting of a way to start a new storyline off.  Grade: C+

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28 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulks #623 (2011) – The Review

  1. This issue isn’t bad, it is just underwhelming. Nothing really happen, and art isn’t that good. It is still pretty decent artwork, but not as good as Pelletier nor Romita JR. This isn’t a bad issue, it is just not special.

  2. It seems me and Gary Miller liked this issue and the artwork better than you guys did. If you noticed the last page you have on here, those devices they are putting the Hulk and these characters on look familiar. Remember the El Dolrado story from Roger Stern’s run? There was the sacred flame that was powered by the Hulk’s gamma energy.

    Also remember back in issue 605 we learned some of the creatures from the planet Skaar were living with Tyrannus and the Mole Man. Plus Tyrannus must have either stolen or taken the Leader’s technology. I am not entirely certain but it seems possible that after Miek escaped Tyrannus contacted him and the two set up a plan for revenge that led to this issue. We will find out soon.

    1. Gary liked it, huh? Well, he also recommended the very silly Hulk #30 – and I would not. We have different tastes – and I, like Gary, I’m sure, just give our opinions. We’ve agreed in the past and we’ve also disagreed – and here we seem to have disagreed again. The issue, as a beginning to a new storyline, should try to jazz readers up – but this issue didn’t deliver that. Hopefully it gets better.

  3. Well, I also thought issue 30 was a little too silly also. The back up story with Rick Jones was better. I am more interested in seeing where that is going. I don’t recall seeing your review mention that story. What did you think of it?

  4. Hulk getting his ass kicked by a puny dinosaur is ridiculous…Where is the Hulk that has thrown Fin Fang Foom on the moon!!! How many issues it will take for him to recuperate from Zeus beating????

    Pak better get his shit together very soon or i’m dropping the book…

  5. Eaglesham did a great job when he was on the Fantastic Four book a few months back but it just looks okay on the Hulk book, at least from the scans I have seen so far. My book doesn’t arrive until another week.

  6. Ratchet, I have a question for you. Have you read Jon Quixote’s Hulk marathon on the Bad Genios blog? This was from 2008. He reviewed every issue of the series from the first in 1962 to issue 100 in 2006. I was wondering if he ever posted to your blog.

  7. Not interested in Hulk anymore. He is meant to kick ass. Should have kicked Zeus’ ass. Should be able to fight Galactus. Unlimited strength? BS. Man, I don’t know what Marvel wants to convey with this character, but I am done buying this comic.

  8. I think the stories are downgrading because Marvel feels the Hulk had his spotlight when his movie came out. Marvel pushed him bigtime but now they’re pushing Thor and Cap. They want them to be at the top while everything else is second rate. I mean look at Spiderman for crying out loud! He is argueably Marvel’s most popular character yet sales and stories are seriously lacking.

  9. Ratchet, I will look for the link to Jon Quxoite’s reviews. In fact I read his reviews before I ever posted here. He is a big fan of the Savage Hulk. And he is very critical of Peter David in general. While not everything David did was perfect I do think his run had some excellent periods. In some ways David’s run was like Mantlo’s where it fluctuated between high and low periods. People are more forgiving of David’s low points than they are of Mantlo’s. Probably because he came on at a point where no one was reading and started renewed interest in the character.

    1. I agree – not everything David did was gold – but he made the Hulk interesting for a long time and in a way that people hinted at before. He seemed to try dipping into everything – the Hulk’s mind, the Hulk on a team, the Hulk a fugitive the Hulk a hero…

  10. This is a very disappointing period in Pak’s run. Yea, I’m calling him out on writing crap and almost following Loeb’s run on making the Hulk a puss. I guess David had the excuse of having a weaker Grey Hulk. Let me ask you guys this…Don’t you think that Superman is the Strongest One There Is? I guess that statement when he states he is the strongest verifies that Hulk is actually an overblown stupid character, and Marvel likes it that way. Hulk always fails and relies on luck to bail him out. He never shows any sign of the unlimited strength he is supposed to have. I feel betrayed, and stupid, myself for following such a wuss of a character. I guess he is Banner, at the core, without the brains, and some muscle. I hate you Marvel. You have lied. No more comic book money from me, especially with this joke of a character, I have haplessly endeared to.

  11. Wow! So sorry Logan that you feel that way! I still love the Hulk and as I am not jazzed about the storyline at the moment – and also feel that the Hulk never really had a shot against a God like Zeus – I still think the Hulk is the strongest one there is- when it comes down to it.

  12. I agree. I’m heartbroken Hulk lost a fan and I hope Logan gives him another try. Hulk is the strongest one there is true, but I’ve always felt there is more to him than strength. He has a HUGE heart, he protects those who have done nothing but made life miserable for him. He says all he wants is to be left alone, but in truth all he wants is a place to belong. To live a life where he won’t be hunted, harassed, hounded and many other H words. He knows he won’t get it but he chooses the side of good antway. Hulk is the best. Period.

  13. Alright. I guess having Hulk getting his ass kicked by Zeus, a king of Gods, is reasonable in the mythological world. Hulk is a mortal, but, actually a modern immortal myth. I just want to see him show the signs of the unlimited strength he is said to have. He at least could have put up a way better fight against Zeus and not take so long to recover from it. Just venting. Will always love Hulk. Just don’t want to see my hero tossed around so much. To me he personifies STRENGTH. He should be strength. I request that he demolishes the Juggernaut, Abomination, and Red Hulk over and over again, throwing them into space, destroying them, breaking worlds. Red Hulk killed one of the Elders of the Universe?! Pak and Marvel has to personify the Hulk much better.

  14. Yeah, you do bring up a point. Hulk getting his butt kicked by Zeus did bother me too. I can handle Hulk losing a fight it’s the how of it that bothers me. Remember Hulk #5 when Hulk lost to Red Hulk with a broken arm? THAT pissed me off to no end. Everything he just endured through Planet Hulk then through World War Hulk and he loses with a broken arm!?! WTF!? I do agree with you also about his strength. It’s not the reason he’s my favorite but I do like that part of him. To me the last thing Hulk did that was actually impressive was Secret War. Sure there was the whole tectonic plate thing in Planet Hulk but you couldn’t see anything really. Kinda takes the fun out of it ya know? Hulk does need to be more impressive, and hopefully it will be soon. Stomping Miek into the ground ( again) would be a decent start.

  15. I don’t mind the Hulk losing to Zeus but as I said in an earlier post I too wish he had put up a better fight. As to how fast he should be healing that varies with writers and story arcs. Wolverine’s healing factor has been inconsistent over the years as well. I guess that should be the main theme; consistency and continuity. Neither are strong points at Marvel these days. Loeb’s writing comes to mind but I could cite numerous examples.

    To be fair the Hulk’s power levels have gotten a little crazy over the years.
    Smashing an asteroid twice the size of earth in MCP # 52 ! While that isn’t as bad as Superman juggling moons or planets at DC back in the 50s or
    whenever, some consistency should be applied to the Hulk’s strength level as well. Writers vary his strength level depending on how mad he gets and how fast. Remember his didn’t get angry enough to surpass the Abomination’s strength back in TTA # 9 and the Abomination almost killed him. That x-factor plus which incarnation of the Hulk is featured should give a writer the creative freedom he needs to tell a good story. Changes can be made provided they are explained unlike early issues featuring the
    Red Hulk.

    Since Zeus is a Skyfather, and is on a power level equal to the Silver Surfer,
    he should be able to defeat the Hulk. In an all out fight the Hulk has lost to
    the Silver Surfer as well. ( TIH 250) But I wish the fight with Zeus had been longer and more epic.

    What is the Hulk used Bannertech of some kind during the fight ? Would the combination of the Hulk’s strength and Banner’s genius be enough to topple a god ? Those of you who prefer the Hulk to reply on his limitless(?) strength would balk at this suggestion.

    For those who take exception at the Hulk losing a fight to Zeus, what about his defeat at the hands of the Iron Knights ( and squire ) back in TIH 302 and 303 ?

  16. Good point,Anthony. That was from Mantlo’s crossroads period. I am found of that era and Pak says he is too but most people do not like it. What are you thoughts on it?

  17. Another point to add about the crossroads. It was supposed to be the nexus of all the different realities. Anyone who has read Man Thing knows that that place of his origin is also a nexus point where all the realities meet. Hence there are two places where this is true. I am not aware of any story that has dealt with this point. If anyone here does feel free to tell me.

  18. Hulk lost to Silver Surfer in #250 because Silver Surfer drained him of his gamma radiation. Surfer didn’t overpower him like Zeus did.

  19. And on that note I consider Zeus more powerful than Surfer. Remember, Zeus took out Galactus in Choas War. Which is a little off to me. I feel that Hulk, Surfer, and Thor are in the same league while the likes of Zeus, Odin, and Galactus are the next level above them. It’s the same as Loganblue said, I just don’t like seeing my hero being kicked around. Even if it is by someone I know to be more powerful.

  20. By the way Anthony, is MCP marvel comics presents? I’ve heard about a story where Hulk destroyed a giant asteroid and I have all of Hulk’s books and that never happened. I was starting to wonder if it was on another title.

  21. Right Hulksmash, Zeno, and Anthony. The Hulk suffered for his hubris in attacking Zeus. And deservedly so, I guess. Just for how long? I have followed this character, bought his comics, since before the Secret Wars and Crossroads saga, only to be disappointed time and again on how he usually doesn’t come through on the kick ass factor. I want to see planets broken, mountains lifted, by himself. Marvel, please give this character credibility with his strength. Should have given Zeus a bit of a pounding. Chomped by a dinosaur? Indeed PakFailed. Where is the strength? Ratchet, you have to agree that Hulk has been bullied. A writer or editor has to step in and make Hulk HULK. There is no more Hulk anymore as evidenced by the title, by the way. RedHulk has his own title coz of his cool look. (lame power absorber). Hulk, the real Hulk is a power generator. What a mess. Ross as Hulk is a slap in the face to me as a diehard Hulk fan. Ross is the enemy! Where is Marvel going?! Banner is Hulk, and should be the only Hulk. Whatever, it is a mess. Time for the Maestro to come back and kick everyones ass, I guess, I can’t believe I’m writing this, and I would be happy with that now. Kill off RedHulk Ross! He is the enemy! Everyone, except us, are enamored with his cool look. HE IS ROSS! THE ENEMY OF HULK. Marvel wants to smash Hulk!

  22. Given time I’m sure Red Hulk will fall as many other characters who started off big. Remember Bane and Doomsday ( yes I know this is a marvel site I’m just bringing up some examples) they started off HUGE! The man who broke the bat! The creature that killed Superman! However, some years later now look at them…..they’re nobodies! Five years or so down the line Red Hulk will be a thing of the past but the one TRUE Hulk will remain. The one and only INCREDIBLE HULK!!!

  23. The Hulk pimp coat crack is hilarious.

    Based on your reply on my recent post and this review, I can totally see you not liking this issue, Ratchet, as the art didn’t grab you. I really did not like Eaglesham’s art the first time I saw it ( a Dr Fate mini, I think) and when his name popped up as the new guy on JSA I was not happy. But he has grown on me in recent years and is one of the major reasons that I like the new issue of Hulk. Pelletier was fantastic as well, but I’m very happy with Eaglesham. Maybe your opinion on him will change, who knows.

    As for Hulk recovering, he not only fought Zeus, he fought an army of the dead (and his dad) along with all of Mount Olympus. Having him a little weaker than usual (but still able to clock a dinosaur) seems understandable to me.

    I am thinking (counting on it, actually) that Pak has a grander scheme in mind regarding the direction of Incredible Hulks as it hasn’t played out the way I feared it would (Hulk family complete with Winnebago).

  24. I can’t believe I actually typed that. I think I’ll leave the cornball liners to Jeph Loeb……….

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