Hulk Shirt #24 (2011)

New Hulk Shirt - Hope you're watching the Oscar's though...

Watching the Oscars – so I am going to make this real quick – here is a new Hulk Shirt I found at a LCS.  I think the art looks familiar but I am not exactly sure who it is.  I want to say Keown – but man – I could be wrong… who can help me out here?  Sorry – getting back to the Oscars now!


5 responses to “Hulk Shirt #24 (2011)

  1. I could be wrong but isn’t that Pelletier? You know Pelletier did an wicked job doing Blk Bolt vs Gladiator ( I hope he does again with the Hulk instead). On another note did you ever get to see retro Hulk and Red Hulk bust. Not to shabby I would say and will be picking both of them up.

  2. I think its Pelletier too.

  3. Picked one of those up last week (along with a cool Galactus shirt), I’d guess its a Pelletier hulk too.

  4. I also think it’s Paul Pelletier.

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