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Hulk #30 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #30 - Compound Hulk!

Is it in McG’s contract that he only work on frivolous Hulk stories?  I mean, this isn’t as bad as Loeb’s stuff – but it sure was silly.  Well, I don’t know what else to expect when we see “Compound Hulk” on the cover!  But hey, at least there is some continuity in play here.  The story starts (and ends) with Impossible Man – you know when that character appears that what will come next can be explained in one word… ridiculous.

Woodgod - has seen better days

Hold on – let me start with the fact that the Red Hulk beats up Woodgod who tells his “Father”, none other than Xemnu, the original Hulk.  Xemnu is back to beat the Hulk – but is confronted with the Red Hulk instead.  Too bad Red’s not immune to Xemnu’s mind control – and with that Red begins to beat himself up.  Hulk shows up to save the day – except Xemnu has a whole slew of aliens ready to beat the Hulk up.

Xemnu is back... again...

Impossible Man is there to watch – but when Xemnu’s monsters begin beating the Hulks he decides to step in – mainly because he doesn’t want to see the Earth destroyed.  He pulls out a ray gun and shoots the Hulks and WHAMO!  Compound Hulk is born.  And yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds.  But not totally terrible either…

...but this time he is not alone...

The Hulks – even though they share the same body now – can’t seem to agree and continue to have trouble getting anything done.  Matters get worse when Xemnu releases his real secret weapon – a creation that is everything that he feels is good with the Hulk – and nothing left in that he loathes!  So, in other words, a grey, super smart, strong Hulk… only it’s called Kluh!  Get it?

Kluh... hopefully this is the last ime we see this character...

The Hulks finally start working together to defeat Kluh – and next, using Fin Fang Foom’s fiery breath (that’s him, right?  It’s sure looks like him if it’s not) to burn the hair off of Xemnu.  Impossible man says that was a lot of fun – and even suggests that they take the act on the road – but in the end the Hulks are separate and go their separate ways.

Xemnu is mostly robotic... like Darth Vader

Maybe it’s still coming off of the Loeb run – but this story was a just bit too out there.  There’s funny – and then there’s this… which was chuckle worthy a few times – but overall… I feel like I wasted $4.  Grade: C-

The Hulks refuse to stay together

Hulk Paperweight 2 (2010)

Paperweight 2

Here is yet another Hulk piece I have had for a while that I never posted!  The first set, as you might remember, was a set of 6 that spelled out Marvel, when they were all put together.  Hulk is the R in that set.  Here is a new set they brought out – of the Avengers – and this time he is on the G.  Wouldn’t it have been freaky if he was on the R again?  Get it?  R – Ratchet?  Get it?  I need a life…

Close Up - Hulk with shading this time!

Cover to #624 – on FB right now

Keown has provided the pencils to his cover to #624 – and I have to say I geeked out a little!  Click on the image for Dale’s FB

More Marvel Masterworks Fun!

Defenders - the first release

Now, here are the latest MM I’ve picked up.  I am making sure not to be swindled into purchasing the silver editions anymore – I think, like Gary Miller said in the comments last week, it looks so much better to have the books that look similar.

Defenders - 2nd release

Of course the most recent in these pictures is the second Defenders volume.  One thing I love about these issues is when they collect every issue that pertains to the storyline – even when it’s not part of the series.  The Defenders do that – the first volume doesn’t just start with issue #1 – or even Marvel Features Presents #1 – no, they go back to the SubMariner #34/35.  I love that!

FF with Hulky issues #111 and #112

The very rare Amazing Spiderman #119 and #120 are reprinted here

I picked up the volume with Hulk guest shots in Spiderman, X-Men and FF as well – I have almost every volume of the FF that has the Hulk in it – this one having issue #112 in it.  Funny enough – the Hulk also appears at the end of issue #111, also has quick shots in #113, #114 and #116.  I would never have known that if not for these collections!  Take my advice – make sure you do not pay full price – find someone selling for at least 20%-50% off.  That’s how I roll…

Hulky goodness all over this MM - X-Men volume.

The Incredible Hulks #622 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #622

I don’t usually post on Friday – but I feel like I am constantly a week behind with Hulk issues – so in an attempt to catch up – here is a special Friday review of the latest Hulk to hit the shelves!  Enjoy!

Now, raise your hand if you thought the Hulk was going to give Zeus a great fight.  Is your hand raised?  Because mine is.  Now, raise you hand if you were just kidding yourself.  My hand is up again – because, let’s be honest here – we’re dealing with freaking Zeus here… I mean the first thing he did when Hulk reached him was throw a thunderbolt at him.  Pak writes this issue beautifully – and even though, as a Hulk fan, it pains me to admit it, there are characters out there that can beat the Hulk!  And, yes, the King of the Gods is one of them.

The Hulks are busy...

While the other members of the Hulk family are trying to reach the Hulk to lend a hand – although they are dealing with mythic beasts themselves – Hulk lands the first blow on Zeus and sends him flying.  This may give you a bit of early confidence in the Hulk – but that’s very quickly lost when Zeus strikes back.  The Hulk is sent flying across Olympus and finds hid family battling their own monsters.  He tells them to get out of there – before they ruin everything!

Zeus gives the Hulk both barrels...

Hulk fights for his family

Hulk leaps back to a ready Zeus who immediately dispatches the Hulk and makes him puke up  about half the green blood in his body.  Hera looks the Hulk over and deems him beaten – but the Hulk says it doesn’t matter – he just wants them to give his family what they are owed.  Hera looks into the Hulk and sees who he is talking about – but Zeus laughs off the Hulk’s sacrifice saying “Wrong religion” with a final blow, knocking the Hulk out.

Betcha can't eat just one!

When the Hulk wakes up Hephaestus has chained the Hulk up and the vultures begin to pick the meat off of his body.  For three days the Hulk continues to heal – only for the vultures to eat more… until Herc comes to save the day… with the rest of the Hulk clan.  They bring the Hulk off the mountain – as Hera and Zeus watch from the top.  Hera asks what happens now and Zeus says nothing.  The Hulk now knows Zeus’ power and he doubts the Hulk will forget it for a long time.

Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, a group of villagers from the Red King’s empire are talking to one of the bugs from Planet Hulk.  They are not interested in the bug’s claim that the Green Scar still walks the Earth unpunished – until of course when Miek walks into the tent all pissed off.

Miek... ready for revenge

Even the biggest Hulk fan can’t be upset about this beat down – I mean, the Hulk was pitted against Zeus!  The fight went as it should have – and all the Prometheus stuff was great.  Pak delivers another great issue.  Thank goodness he is back.  Grade: A

Hulk #29 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #29

I had to re-read this issue a few times because a few things bugged me – the first being the somewhat lame “I lied to you about your absorbing powers being gone” twist.  I am not a fan of this type of writer’s trick.  It’s seems lazy to me – and I honestly thought better of Parker.

Green Hulk shows up - and saves the day...

The issue itself was a pretty decent wrap up to the Scorched Earth storyline.  Ross is able to Hulk back out once the original arrives on Monster island.  And once both Hulks are set into action they make pretty quick work of the brainwashed monsters.  Red and Hulk arrive at the volcano and smash into a secret lab where AIM LMDs are keeping a whole slew of MODOK brains marinating for future use.

Hulk tells Red Bruce lied to him

The Hulks get busy smashing brains (sounds disgusting – and if you can imagine it – IS disgusting) and destroying the lab.  Afterward, Red and Bruce sit down on the side of the volcano for a heart to heart.  More like Red asks Banner why he lies to him – and Banner says it’s because Red wouldn’t trust him.  Well, that’s sort of a chicken and the egg scenario, isn’t it?  In my experience, if you’re trying to create a relationship where one has to trust the other – lying to them rarely sets the stage for a favorable response.  Yet, Bruce does it – to Ross – constantly.  And Red, for the most part HAS trusted Bruce – which is the bigger kick to the nether regions for him.

It’s a lazy writer’s trick – but at least Parker explains why he used it.  Bruce explains that everytime Red uses the absorbing power it’s like charging a two-cell battery.  Eventually one of those cells will die – and by cells he’s referring to the personalities of Red and Ross.  One of the personalities will die off.  Gary – of this excellent blog – thinks it’s a very clever way of eventually de-powering Ross when the time comes.  While I tend to agree it would be great to de-power Red I still think the way the revelation came to light was a little silly.


The issue ends with unfinished LMDs placing the brain into MODOK 2.0 (now with mechanical spider legs!) which is a pretty exciting way to end the issue – we all knew MODOK was coming back, of course.  He says that the whole Scorched Earth plans were an effective distraction while they worked on getting the new body ready for MODOK.  Grade: B+ (Although the lazy writer’s trick should warrant this issue a lower grade – but I’ll be nice)

Uatu hatches an excellent plan!

I should say – I am loving the back story in Hulk lately with Uatu releasing the Omegex on Red for striking him all those atrocious issues ago.  Can’t wait to see what comes of that!

Marvel Masterworks… The Update!

MM Volume #8

MM Volume #39

I ended up picking up all of the green cover/gold frame Hulk MM.  It was bothering me too much not have them all this way.  When I originally picked up a grey cover it was a direct order from my LCS and that’s what they gave me.  It goes without saying that they no longer get my business when it comes to these books.

MM Volume #56 - For some reason THIS book was the hardest for me to track down for a reasonable price

I love the MM collections.  I think I picked one of these up for retail – and from then on I’ve been smarter than that.  Most of the time I can find these on ebay for a good deal – or amazon – or even better, I wait till some of the comic shops are having a good sale and I snag which ever ones I want.  I am currently up to date with the Hulk MM – but I am also seeking out some of his better appearances.  You’ll see what I mean next Wednesday…

MM Volume #78

MM Volume #115 - The latest to be released