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What If? #78 (1995) – The Review

What If #78

So, here’s the deal.  The Fantastic Four was captured by a Skrull Queen and then hired a new group of 4 – those heroes being the Hulk, Ghost Rider, Spiderman and Wolverine.  Now, anyone hiring these 4 mis-fits to be a team should already be suspect – but they went along with it anyways.  In this What If?  it examines how the events might have unfolded had the real FF died in their fight to come back.

MJ gives Peter some "hard" thinking to do...

The issue starts out on a pretty high note as the new team begins by moving into the Baxter Building (MJ even gives a little fashion show) and they dispatch all of their new foes pretty easily.  The world starts to notice this new FF.  Even the heroes old foes start coming out in force but are easily taken down by the quartet.

The Sininster Six? More like the S.. the Sapp.. no - Stupid Six! Yeah! Good one!

The real problems start when the most powerful foes of each hero start coming out of the woodwork and gang up together.  While the team is distracted by paperwork the Baxter Building is infiltrated.  Lady Death Strike and Abomination come bursting through the wall looking for a fight.  Two other powerhouses – one looks to be a skrull – and honestly, I am not sure who the other is (if anyone out there does know – let me in on it!) come knocking, looking to destroy as well.  These enemies seem to be too much for the new FF to handle.

Fixit uses him charm... to no avail...

As each hero is taken out and all looks lost and MJ even sits with Peter on the floor given up all hope – all of a sudden a blast comes through the wall and disintegrates the foes.  It is Doctor Doom.  He tells the FF that no one destroys them – except him.  And then he flies away.

Doom Saves the Day... kind of

This issue has me confused on why the heroes had such a hard time taking on their old enemies?  I mean, Wolverine was doing fine against Abomination – but the Hulk was having a heck of a time with Lady Death Strike!  And he was blasted out of the building… TWICE!  I wasn’t a huge fan of the issue – but it’s fun to think that Marvel would kill off any of the Fantastic Four… of wait… Grade: C