Constrictor Bust (2010)

Constrictor Bust

This Bust was picked up on my last trip to NJ – I had planned on picking this guy up eventually – but I was even more excited seeing it at Zapp Comics – where any self respecting New Jersian(… is that right?  New Jersey-an?) goes to buy their comic goodness week after week.  And if you visit the one in Wayne NJ make sure you ask if Corry is there – and if so tell him how much you like the Hulk – or even better – tell him your favorite Hulk story!  Then hug him.  He’ll love it – trust me.


By the way – Constrictor is a villain that first appeared in issue #212 of the Incredible Hulk.  Most of the MU have run into the Constrictor at one time or another.  His famous weapon is the Vibranium cables he uses to choke and electrocute his opponents.  The Hulk did find a way to beat him though and as he made his way through the Marvel Universe he’s somewhat important enough to garner a bust, a MU figure (which I already posted) but why couldn’t that have happened to a better character – like Aquon!

Top Notch Sculpt!

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