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Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)

Thor / Hulk / Odin 3-Pack

The new Thor toys are making their way into toy stores these days.  Of course the Hulk is not going to show up too many times in anything to do with the Thor movie – but they did make this 3-pack with Thor, Hulk and Odin (Hehe – let’s thank goodness they didn’t decide to put Zeus in this 3-pack!… I know, I know – not the same mythology) but the thing that really burns me is that they used the Hulk figure they just released!  The SHS figures are released and re-released over and over again – but this figure really only looks good in one stance… and they could have SOMETHING different!  Man, that burns me!  But, yeah – this is out now…

You look familar...

Hey Hey! It's Odin!