Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)

Thor / Hulk / Odin 3-Pack

The new Thor toys are making their way into toy stores these days.  Of course the Hulk is not going to show up too many times in anything to do with the Thor movie – but they did make this 3-pack with Thor, Hulk and Odin (Hehe – let’s thank goodness they didn’t decide to put Zeus in this 3-pack!… I know, I know – not the same mythology) but the thing that really burns me is that they used the Hulk figure they just released!  The SHS figures are released and re-released over and over again – but this figure really only looks good in one stance… and they could have SOMETHING different!  Man, that burns me!  But, yeah – this is out now…

You look familar...

Hey Hey! It's Odin!

9 responses to “Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)

  1. Hasbro keeps raping us, and poor addicted saps like you and I keep bending over at the waist with “Vacancy” signs painted on our dupas. I hate when they repaint/repackage/reuse figures.

  2. Did they even bother to do any repaints at all for this one? I know I was going to try and get the Leader repaint they just released for some unknown reason. I actually bought the Easter version of this Hulk figure that came out a couple years ago. Why do I have no money?

  3. I think they are cute….and good for younger children there are show on early morning also.

  4. Did anybody order the Armored Sandman ? I got mine today and wanted to
    get opinions on it.

  5. You’re from Mass. right? if you are then I thought this might interest you.

    • Holy Hell – I will have to be on the lookout for that Celts shirt! Thanks as usual Grey – hope everything is going well with you

  6. Ratchet, I am wondering what your thoughts on Hulk 624 are? Personally, I did not like it. Last issue seemed promising this did not live up to my expectations. The writing of the last 4 issues or has been somewhat of a let down for me.

  7. Ah man! Hulk lost to Thor’s wrestling twin!!

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