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The Incredible Hulks #624 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #624

1:15 Variant Cover

Okay – yes this is late, yes I should have posted this last Thursday… and I could even state the reason on why the review is late – but why bother? The truth is… it’s being posted now – so read and be happy! Although, I don’t know how happy you’d be reading this – the issue is continuing to… well, unimpress. Don’t get me wrong – I still love Pak as the Hulk writer but this storyline is really letting me down… and getting down right creepy!

Hulk wants out!

Creepy because there are a few times where the Hulk is being tricked into thinking he talking to Betty, intimately… only to realize it’s another bug – or worse, Miek!  So creepy it actually sent a shiver down my spine.  There is no reason to creep Hulk fans out the way Pak does in this issue.

Hulk saves Banner's butt - as always!

The Hulk clan that is with him tried to track the Hulk down – only to catch up to him and then lose him again – but only after they see that bugs have crawled into the Hulk’s body and attached to his heart.  Even worse, Miek came and takes the Hulk away.  And we are treated to another queasy, vomit inducing moment between the Hulk and the imaginary Betty (a.k.a. Miek).  He straps on armor and sends Hulk out to battle.

Hulk... infested and ready for battle!

Now we know why the Hulk was beaten so badly by Zeus – he needed to be weaker in order for this plan of Miek’s to actually work.  The Hulk before the beat down would never have been taken this down this way.  I have to say – I was really interested in the idea of Miek’s return – but so far I am underwhelmed and VERY creeped out.  Grade: C (The steamy dream sequences are so creepy it should have gotten a D)

Out of context... this is hilarious!