The Incredible Hulks #624 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #624

1:15 Variant Cover

Okay – yes this is late, yes I should have posted this last Thursday… and I could even state the reason on why the review is late – but why bother? The truth is… it’s being posted now – so read and be happy! Although, I don’t know how happy you’d be reading this – the issue is continuing to… well, unimpress. Don’t get me wrong – I still love Pak as the Hulk writer but this storyline is really letting me down… and getting down right creepy!

Hulk wants out!

Creepy because there are a few times where the Hulk is being tricked into thinking he talking to Betty, intimately… only to realize it’s another bug – or worse, Miek!  So creepy it actually sent a shiver down my spine.  There is no reason to creep Hulk fans out the way Pak does in this issue.

Hulk saves Banner's butt - as always!

The Hulk clan that is with him tried to track the Hulk down – only to catch up to him and then lose him again – but only after they see that bugs have crawled into the Hulk’s body and attached to his heart.  Even worse, Miek came and takes the Hulk away.  And we are treated to another queasy, vomit inducing moment between the Hulk and the imaginary Betty (a.k.a. Miek).  He straps on armor and sends Hulk out to battle.

Hulk... infested and ready for battle!

Now we know why the Hulk was beaten so badly by Zeus – he needed to be weaker in order for this plan of Miek’s to actually work.  The Hulk before the beat down would never have been taken this down this way.  I have to say – I was really interested in the idea of Miek’s return – but so far I am underwhelmed and VERY creeped out.  Grade: C (The steamy dream sequences are so creepy it should have gotten a D)

Out of context... this is hilarious!


16 responses to “The Incredible Hulks #624 (2011) – The Review

  1. You know it’s a real shame, Pak is an outstanding writer. We’ve seen this in Planet Hulk, World War Hulk and Hulks. Issue 611 is a big favorite of mine. However, lately he’s kinda slacking. Dark Son was decent, Choas War was really good ( the Hulk tie-in not the series itself) but this current story while interesting really lacks Pak’s epic storytelling. He’s really going to have to get the ball rolling if he wants Hulk to sell. Incredible Hulks 619 and 620 was 40 and 41 in the top 100 list. That’s over a 20 drop, and in my opinion it will drop even further with the next story. The Green Scar Hulk in a tux?! LAME!! Please Greg Pak! You can do better! Let’s see it! Meaner and stronger Hulk!! And a Loner! And the biggest bad@$$ on the planet!!!!! Not to mention beat the holy you know what out of his red imposter!! AGAIN!!!

  2. @HSPYM- I agree with everthing you said and I would add intsead of Rulk how about Hyperion, Gladiator, Juggy and Mangog in back to back fights. Now that would make Hulk bad a$$ and sales would go up. Question to Ratch- is the Hulk skin thougher than Titanium and if possible why or why not?

    • Tougher than titanium? Maybe – I view the Hulk’s skin like Elephant hide but thicker. Very hard to cut through – bullet proof and all – but not impossible to do.

  3. Ratch- thanks for the reply. In a utimate hero guide book and on Marvel’s wiki power grid rank rate Hulk a 7 and Ironman as 6 in durability. Isn’t Ironman made out of Titanium? That is why I asked the question. Also, Hulk has withstood a nuke at close range. That’s 300,000 kelvin in heat. So I say hell yeah, his skin is tougher than Titanium. I spoke to some folks that say that Ironman armor and Colossus skin is tougher. I say NAY.

  4. I’m almost scared to post “How much worse can the plots and writing on Hulk(s) get?” coz I am convinced these people at Marvel (and DC) have no idea what to do with these characters anymore. On print format especially. The simpler movies and cartoons far surpass entertainment value, for me, than the idiocy that has been transcribed on these pages, and it keeps getting worse. I can watch the film, The Incredible Hulk, over and over again. I love it. When I read the trash being printed in comics, I feel dumber for having read it. What creepy wierdos these so called writers and artists are. Yuck! No sense of heroism, just a bunch of bizarre, freaky, stories meant to shock, and make no sense. It’s gross, to me, really. Lady GaGa is more normal than these nobs. I am a freak myself but there is a line between freaky and invasively gross. Loeb, McGuiness, and Pak, go back to your BDSM dungeons and keep it behind closed doors. Just stop using my favorite hero as a vehicle to express your own personal proclivities.

  5. Hey Logan! Glad you’re still around! You’re absolutely right about the stories. Not just in Incredible Hulk but everything! Thor’s stories are lacking, Avengers is idiotic, Justice League boring as heck. Everything is going downhill. The Avengers cartoon is great, except Kang knocking out Hulk with one punch. THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kang couldn’t knock out Hulk on his best day! Anyway, I’m still willing to give Pak a chance. He can deliver if Marvel let’s him. I think his current Silver Surfer ( please become ongoing) is starting off very interesting although I hate High Evolutionary ( sorry H.E. fans). All we can do is wait and see though I hope for not too long……

  6. Right, Hulksmash, that Kang knockout was BS…still, I find the toons more entertaining. I liked how in the earlier episodes of AEMH, Hulk took on Graviton, Abomination, etc. Looks like they might be getting lazy on the toons too. That being said, I’ll always give the mags eternal chances. I just believe that you, me, Ratchet, and many others who post on the Hulk, could write the Hulk a million times better. Yea, have Hulk completely demolish Rulk, again and again. Gotta say, I hate that character so much, I would buy multiple copies of issues of Hulk doing that. Hulk actually smashing Juggy and others, as hulk465 suggested, would undoubtedly boost interest and sales. Granted, comics are meant to have story lines where the protagonist has to go through some sort of struggle, but come on already Marvel and Pak. More smashing, More heroic brutality. And yeah, Hulk is meant to be a loner for the most part. This Hulk ‘family’ is a can of crap. Stop neutering the Hulk Marvel. You know, this upcoming storyline IS actually worse. Hulk a spy?! Dissed again by Betty. Actually,Betty is annoying and I wish she was still dead. Bring back Green Scar. Rage for the loss of Caiera! Pak has lost me. His past greatness has been washed away. Seems like he is bored with Hulk, or it’s Marvel’s fault.

  7. Hey Ratch-I’m pretty much agreeing with everyone who has posted-Pak’s really letting us down(PH and WWH were fantastic) issues 623/624 amajor disappointment-and yes creepy,hope things get better,,,and I really DO NOT like the books new art style-hope Pellitier returns!*oh and I finally found that HULK keychain @TRU-take care-Mike

  8. Like HSPYM and Loganblue said- The Hulk being K.O. by Kang is TOTAL BS. They just wanted Ironman to save the day because he’s superhot right now (notice how Thor was’nt in the picture either). Also more BS with Hawkeye/Blkwidow taking out the Hulk, come on. Other than that I give the Avengers cartoon 8/10. It would be cool if the World War Hulk story found it way into the Avengers cartoon. Or a Defenders vs Avengers story.

  9. Holy crap that would be awesome! Seeing how this Hulk is really close to the Green Scar persona already it’s possible! The whole Black Widow thing is stupid too. Also, am I the only one who thinks Hulk had his ” Madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets” in the Graviton story only? That was the one and only episode he did soething impressive. Sure Hulk threw Leader’s gamma generator in space but that stunt has been done many times in animation. I am really enjoying the series though, I just wish Hulk buddied up with Thor instead of Hawkeye. Hawkeye’s a great character but partnering up with Thor would be sweeter.

  10. There should be a series, on paper or animated, where Hulk and Thor team up and kick everyone’s asses. I mean everyone. Immortal God and Indestructible Mortal Monster taking Thanos, Mephisto, Juggernaut, Gladiator, The Destoyer, all at once, even Galactus and Loki (in a different battle), to the house. Why can’t Marvel keep it simple and interesting? All these new gamma and mutant characters really cheapen the concepts behind the heroes we grew up with, and admired. It’s almost like Hulk’s personality is on a day to day basis. The way they portray his manner on the toon AEMH, is perfect. Keep to the Green Scar, but don’t forget Banner. What does it take for Marvel to really capture the Hulk’s savage strength and tragic heroism? Why is Thor a puss all of the sudden? (Too many gammas and mutants…I have said it too many times.) The generic walls of Marvel comicdom need to be stormed and, with a knife to their throats, quality must be granted to us, their loyal readers. Again, Hulk should have given Zeus more of a fight, even injured him. WTF Marvel? Credibility in your characters, Hulk in particular, is at a loss. I only hope there is someone who works for Marvel reads the posts of avid fans of a character you seem to want to destroy, or don’t give a crap about! I do assholes, and you are not entertaining me at all.

  11. You know the ONE and ONLY thing I’ll give credit to Jeph Loeb is he had Hulk and Thor become friends. It has never happened in all the 50 years of Marvel! Sure they teamed up from time to time but were never friends. Imagine a ongoing or limited series with them two!! It’s like Loganblue said nothing could stand in their way! Although indroducing a new character and threat only they could handle would be awesome!!

  12. I agree Smash, very good point. That is the one and ONLY thing Loeb did right.

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