Hulk Glasses (2010)

Hulk Glasses!
The box art

Let me just put it out there now – I will probably not be posting for the rest of the week – I am heading out tomorrow and will be gone until Saturday.  I will not even be reading any new Hulky goodness until I come back – so don’t expect the new review until at least Sunday.  Sorry ahead of time.

Glass 1

But these glasses are freakin’ sweet!  I have to say – the image on the glass below… I am getting a bit bored with it – but the other glass is classic Trimpe!  And I want to guzzle green milk out of it!  I am not even sure which issue it is out of – but I bet one of you other Hulk maniac’s will tell me – making me feel silly.

Glass 2 - my favorite!

I’ve seen these glasses going for $12 on ebay – with $16 shipping.  I wanted these glasses BADLY – but was not about to pay that amount for them.  The $12 price is fine – but the $16 shipping?  YIKES!  Then more and more of these starting popping up on ebay – with better prices – but even better?  My mother found these in a store in FL for a very decent price OF… $6!  Biggeddy BAM!

Back of Glass

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4 thoughts on “Hulk Glasses (2010)

  1. You know I picked this up but at Burlington coat fac.(buying stuff for the new home) and it dosen’t look like yours. Mine is 4, 16oz glasses with different Hulk images (one cup has the top image) and it comes in 12oz and shot glasses too. They also have Spidey,Thor, Cap and Ironman.

  2. Hey ratchet! That picture on the glass is from Tales to Astonish issue 94! Drawn by the great Marie Severin! Hulk gave a ” THWAK!” to a High Evolutionary ( him again!) henchmen! Herb Trimpe also inked it!!!!!

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