Hulk #30.1 (2011) – The Review

Hulk 30.1

Alright, I found some time to write the review for Hulk #30.1 – Marvel is doing issues with the .1 numbers for anyone interested in jumping into reading certain series.  Hulk is lucky enough to be one of those titles.  Of course the first page they summarize the series thus far.  Of course they don’t mention that the first part of the series is pretty much a waste of time and an embarrassment to Loeb’s legacy… so I graciously added that here 🙂

Ross sees da plane! Da plane!

Anyways, Parker starts this issue with the Red Hulk being hunted down by his own airplane – and, basically, his old team of Hulk Busters being led by a spunky, two star General called Reginald Fortean.  Fortean comes out swinging blasting the Red Hulk and calling him out “High Noon” style, telling him to surrender or he will find him and kill him.  The real kick in the nuts to Red is this:  They think Red KILLED Ross!  And that’s why Fortean is so angry!  That’s kind of hilarious!

Fortean ready to fight!

Anyways, Red goes to meet Fortean at the place he is to surrender and he’s ready to battle.  He wants Fortean to have his fight – Ross respects him as a soldier.  Only Red is in deeper than he knows.  During the fight Red tries to tell Fortean that he is in fact Ross – and not to start the ultimately losing battle of trying to stop the “Hulk”.  Fortean doesn’t hear a word of it due to a malfunction in the suit he is wearing and he sets off his secret weapon.  Microbots that are in Red’s head – planted during their first meeting.  These Microbots planted micro-mines that will melt Ross’ brain should he transform back to human form.  Fortean: 1 – Ross: 0

Fortean uses tiny weapons to defeat the Hulk...

Ross is now on his own once again.  It seems like we are on a NEW era… again.  I don’t think Red will be working for Banner and Rogers anymore – and that’s good since the continuity with the 2 books is all screwy!  How did Banner have time to give Ross orders when he’s been so busy in his other book!  I remember guest shots and continuity from the old days – they made it work both in the series and in the ultimate continuity.  Today’s writers, I don’t know if it’s that they are too lazy, just don’t care, don’t think it’s important, consider it a pain – what?  I have no idea!  Maybe it’s the editor’s fault… or maybe we should blame the “Architect of Marvel” Bendis.  Either way – this issue gave me a  genuine thrill – one that gets me revved up to read where Parker is taking the series next.  Grade: A-

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19 thoughts on “Hulk #30.1 (2011) – The Review

  1. I want this issue, but I don’t know if I can afford that extra issue, with so many other comics coming out this month.

    1. Well one of the good things I forgot to mention is that Hulk is now back at $2.99 rather than $3.99 – and thank goodness!

      Funny – Marvel had a couple of top selling books and they thought “Hey now is the time to raise our prices to a ridiculous $4 per book!” and not only did it come back to bite them – now they have to eat crow and roll their prices back!

      1. Are you sure the Hulk books are only 3 dollars, because I thought it was only for the .1 issues.

  2. I like Parker’s new direction on this book, also it seemed like Hardman’s artlook improved. Maybe due to different inker and colorist but it looks better. I agree with you Ratchet about going away from Banner and Rogers. Banner being in this book made it a little confusing. I also like the irony of Ross’ situation, makes very interesting reading.

  3. I enjoyed this ish also. I feel that the title is misleading. It should be Red Hulk or Rulk. I’m not crazy about Inc HulkS either with family matters (to much “all my children” drama there). On anther note: are you going to have another B-day art contest? I think if you are you should start giving the heads up early. Hey here’s an idea, about an Aquan B-day card.

  4. They do need to change the title, heck they need to change his name. Saying Red Hulk gets old and he’s not the Hulk! Isn’t Marvel the House of Ideas? All that bragging and they can’t come up with a name?! Come on! Next thing we know they’ll call him “Thunderbolt”. Rulk is idiotic as well. I just wish Marvel would hurry up and find Red Hulk a name. Anyone have any ideas? That is assuming anyone cares.

  5. Too bad the best ‘Hulk’ writing is given to this asinine character. First of all, a blatant copy, appearance personality and more, of Hellboy. Parker is a very gifted writer, and, sad to say it, is making this Red Dude, more interesting that the Hulk, himself. Or call him GammaDemonRed…Maybe exploit his Madder, Hotter thing and give him real nuclear/cosmic fire powers, a new Human Torch with, You Know Who’s type strength. I refuse to say His name on the posts for RedDude anymore. GammaGrandpa. I hate this character, but, Parker is such a good writer, as a comic book fan, way more interesting than what’s going on in the Incredibles. Nice ideas on the new rouges gallery. As to how I feel about the character itself, the energy suction power sucks, literally. This character is a LEACH in so many facets. Call him Pancakes.

  6. An interesting story would be to have his identity come out to the public and just call him Ross. His whole military record being destroyed would make for good reading (if done well) We have a smash em up Hulk. A more “mental anguish, turmoil ridden” character might be a cool change. Ross seeing what Banner went through mentally all those years and all. maybe?

  7. Still, as to his appearance and manner, he is a blatant copy of HELLBOY. (Pancakes fits in that he’s all ways oozing all over with that syrup-like blood 🙂

  8. Maybe I made a mistake not getting this. Everyone gave it good reviews. The problem is how long can this story last. Sooner or later Fortean will have to find out Ross and Red Hulk are one and the same. I hope they do not drag this out the way Jeph Loeb did with his who is the Red Hulk mystery for over 2 years.

  9. I was thinking the same thing… but I also can’t say I’m not looking forward to the moment he does find out. If I had to guess Fortean’s reaction, it would be one of total disgust. I would think he would want to continue his quest even more, seeing as Ross has become a hypocrite in his eyes, seeing as Bruce at least never wanted to be a Hulk.

  10. Ya. ROSS is a perfect name. Like roses. Seems like a red name. Still a HELLBOY COPY in color, design, and, quite a bit, in personality. Ross’s mortal age is kind of unique and something to be explored. A use of his heat thing, how he has to manage it, though touched on by Parker, can be exploited a lot more. At least McGuinness drew him, sort of, as a radically hot being. The more things to differentiate Ross powers from Hulk powers, the better. And Hulk has to continually hand Ross a beat down, at least once a year.

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