Superhero Squad Red Hulk and Iron Man (2011)

Iron Man And Red SHS

I knew it would happen – I think we all did.  I even know there is a Red She Hulk figure to be released.  Of course, a Red Hulk figure was easier to make as they have a thousand Hulk molds to choose from.  So, why then, did they choose THIS one?  This is my least favorite SHS Hulk.  It makes the Hulk look like Quasimodo.  An even MORE deformed Quasimodo.  So… maybe it’s perfect that this figure was used for the Red Hulk!

7 responses to “Superhero Squad Red Hulk and Iron Man (2011)

  1. Kids are saying “Hey, when did the Hulk become red”? Or “I did’nt know he can change colors”, lol.

  2. Make sure to set those kids straight 465!

  3. You aren’t the only one who has a problem with this sculpt. Every review I have read (including my own humble opinion) includes an issue with the sculpt choice.

  4. REFUSE to buy it!(and I usually buy everything)

  5. Just another slap in the face to the real Hulk and his fans. Hellboy copy.

  6. they made the red hulk look retarded wit this sculpt.they shuda used a different one.dnt buy it guys nd girls.hahahahaha

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