Daily Archives: March 22, 2011

Pak is leaving the Hulk…

I have no doubt you’ve heard already – Pak is leaving after The Incredible Hulks #635: Heart of the Monster.  Granted – I am not enjoying this latest arc – but Pak is one of the better Hulk writers to take the reins in a long time.  I would have loved to see him unconstrained to write the Hulk – but it always seems he is writing under some sort of condition… PH, although great, was the Hulk on another planet, and his return to the book was even worse – he didn’t even have a Hulk to write about!  But he did amazing with what he had – and it will be sad to see him go.  Bi-weekly, we will still be seeing Pak books for another half a year or so… so enjoy it now!  Click on the image for more info!

But notice who is coming back?  Armageddon!  That’s right – I just posted a review of the last Armageddon appearance a few weeks past – this has happened TWICE now – the first time I reviewed the Eternals issues where the robot Hulk first appeared – way before they brought him back!  It’s like I am a secret genius!  So secret that I don’t even realize!