Pak is leaving the Hulk…

I have no doubt you’ve heard already – Pak is leaving after The Incredible Hulks #635: Heart of the Monster.  Granted – I am not enjoying this latest arc – but Pak is one of the better Hulk writers to take the reins in a long time.  I would have loved to see him unconstrained to write the Hulk – but it always seems he is writing under some sort of condition… PH, although great, was the Hulk on another planet, and his return to the book was even worse – he didn’t even have a Hulk to write about!  But he did amazing with what he had – and it will be sad to see him go.  Bi-weekly, we will still be seeing Pak books for another half a year or so… so enjoy it now!  Click on the image for more info!

But notice who is coming back?  Armageddon!  That’s right – I just posted a review of the last Armageddon appearance a few weeks past – this has happened TWICE now – the first time I reviewed the Eternals issues where the robot Hulk first appeared – way before they brought him back!  It’s like I am a secret genius!  So secret that I don’t even realize!

16 responses to “Pak is leaving the Hulk…

  1. Transformers03

    See, I just knew it. I knew he was gonna leave soon, and now……..God, who’s gonna write the Hulk after this. Do you have any suggestions (besides Miller0 who can take Pak’s place, and possibly be just as good on the Hulk?

  2. Cover looks like a nightmare……….oooooo 🙂

  3. My vote is for Parker. Paks last issues are in June.

  4. GOOD RIDDANCE. Pak lost me after Planet Hulk. WWH, to me, was very disappointing, and his stories just got weird, creepy, and nonsensical after that. Parker would be great, but, he is making Ross(Hellboycopy) interesting. Marvel should just kill off the Hulk already and spare us this slow depression. Be great if someone like Miller, Morrison, or Mignola stepped in, and was given carte blanche(verde) to clean house.

  5. Loganblue,I disagree with you about Pak. World War Hulk was not quite as good Planet Hulk but it was a well written story. Pak’s Son of Hulk issues went on too long. He could have told his story in 7-8 issues. I think the Magna inspired decompressed storytelling of current comics is just a excuse to lengthen stories for more money. Of course many of current writers are guilty of this. The early issues of the non Hulk Bruce teaching Skaar I liked. His run has gone done hill since the end of the World War Hulks story. The story’s motive was Bruce’s quest to get Betty back but the conflict of their relationship and what exactly happened to her was never addressed. From then the two week schedule has given us rushed stories that end too quickly.

    • I agree Z – Pak’s stories have been more in the positive than negative. I would have liked to see him write a more Hulk as a loner book… but oh well…

  6. John Studniarz

    I’m sad to see Pak go. I think Ratchet has a very valid point in that Pak really did the best with the story constraints placed on him in what I laughingly call the “continuity” over the last couple years.

    This final arc, “Heart of the Beast” does sound like it has the makings of a great Hulk story, and I have a feeling Pak will go out with a bang.

    There is an excellent (and kinda lengthy) interview with him here:



  7. Since Armaggedon is coming back maybe they will tie the loose ends from Peter David’s run regarding the return of General Ross. It was never totally explained why he and his people chose to bring Ross back from the dead. The other thing is that issue sort of contradicts the concept that the Hulk never killed because he knew the machine would destroy his son. I wonder how Pak will explain this. My guess is he will say it was really Bruce who knew about therefore only Bruce is a killer. That goes with what Pak said earlier.

  8. Are they still clinging to the idea that the Hulk never kills?
    But I guess you could also argue that the Hulk knew the machine would overload – but he didn’t realize it would destroy Armageddon’s son’s body. Because, let’s not forget Zeno – his son wasn’t alive when he went into the machine. His son was dead already – and the Hulk was supposed to bring him back alive.

    • Those are good points. I don’t know if it is just Pak who is sticking with the idea of the Hulk never kills or if it is Marvel editorial policy these days. I just recalled that during World War Hulk the Hulk told Cho he did kill the son in the Trojan War story arch in 417. Cho guessed that was only in self defense. So that is at least Pak’s take on those issues. You could argue that he first killed
      in self defense which is acceptable but then destroyed the chance of bringing him back. I don’t know.

  9. You know Zeno, I would not be so down on Pak if he would have had the Hulk conquer Olympus. That was an original, exciting, storyline that ended too quickly, and in a bad way in my eyes. Made a wimp out of Hulk. How cool would I have been if Hulk outright kicked Zeus’ ass or, as of now, was on his way to doing that.

    • I am in the minority here but I don’t think the Hulk did that bad against Zeus. Would any other Marvel super hero would do better? I doubt it. To me the problem was the whole thing was too over the top. It is there for shock value. It would have been interesting if Pak connected the Hulk with the Greek Gods the way Sasquesh in Alpha Flight was connected to the Native American Esikmo Gods in that title. There was the Prometheus analogy that Peter David had touched on once before.

  10. There is an old Thor annual where Thor fights Zeus and he didn’t fair too well either. Though it wasn’t as brutal but comics then were more kid friendly anyway. I do think Hulk could’ve held his own alot better but what’s done is done and time to move on. I’m going to miss Greg Pak, though his stories a little disappointing you have to admit they weren’t exactly horrible. Personaly I loved the Choas War tie-in. As far as replacement writers, how about someone who never wrote Hulk before? Someone with his or her own unique ideas. I never even heard of Pak before he wrote Planet Hulk. Or maybe one of those “big name” writers. Straight to the point someone who can increase Hulk’s sales. Did you know during the first year Jeph Loeb wrote Hulk he was always in the top 10! And when loeb left sales drasticly dropped! Man that sucks! Hulk needs to be in the top again! Just with better stories is time. Whoever comes in needs to keep Pelletier though his artwork is just awesome!

  11. Alright, Banner teaching Skaar was cool.

  12. I want Peter David back.

  13. Beautiful site!

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