Coming Soon… Planet Red Hulk! I mean, Planet Red Hulk?

Wow – really?  This reeks of desperation… I mean, comeon!  Planet Red Hulk?  Anyways, click on the image above for more info.

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I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

14 thoughts on “Coming Soon… Planet Red Hulk! I mean, Planet Red Hulk?

  1. Oh you have got to be kidding me! What is Marvel running out of ideas?! Planet Hulk was awesome but it’s over! Done! Goodbye! Now we can expect a different version of Caiera, a Green King, Red Scar, and red version of Skarr!!!! This is stupid!!!!!! At least the artwork will be good! Very pathetic indeed!

  2. The only thing Marvel seems to know how to do is re-write original stories from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and change the color scheme on the characters involved. Planet Hulk, sad to say, was a lot like the Jarella saga and The Thing staying on the Beyonder World after Secret Wars. All based on eye-candy. Nothing of substance. My brain is getting cavities reading this crap.

    1. Yeah, I have yet to find my artist. XD I have soooo many things I could do to the hulk. I could reveal what gives him his power, family history, etc. I mean I have 2 explanations for his limitless power!! COMEON MARVEL, JUST BECAUSE I’M 13 DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN’T HIRE ME!

  3. This, right here, is why I read 3 Marvel books and 25 DC books a month!! Zero originality these last few years. House of ideas my sack!

  4. Its only 2 issues so ill take a wait and see approach. besides Rulk is finally getting his OWN rogues gallery.

  5. Well so far Red Hulk feels more like a Hulk comic than Incredible Hulks have been lately. Just the Hulk taking 7-10 business days to heal is just plain stupid and goes completely against all the rules the setup for the character.

    1. I agree – it’s so sad – the Hulk that we should be reading is in another character’s book! And it sells better! How messed up is that?

  6. It’s rape. Marvel is all image. Green Hulk could be made to look powerful. Give him glowing eyes, like they did in the movie. Give the real Hulk a super powerful Super Saiyan like Green Power Glow when he is super enraged, that obliterates all in it’s wake. Instead they have lately presented him as a doofus Green Giant, who gets his ass and heart handed to him time and again. The personality of this Ross character is just like the Grey Hulk, Hellboy, Lobo, Batman Punisher, Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Wolverine types. Which is what I like when applied to the Real Green Hulk, in his unique Banner way. I am boycotting anything Ross. I am so angry, all who have participated in the creation of this Ross being… I dunno, I would love to SMASH Quesada, Leob and McGuinness in the face (seriously) and give Pak a Smack to the forehead. These guys are such wannabes and pussies, it is reflected in how they portray characters like the Hulk. Because of their egos and desire to create a new character that they can put their stamp on, and leach off of Marvel fandom, they are deserving of much derision. Mignola, at least created Hellboy on his own (w/ Darkhorse, which all new characters can be born) Marvel is taking my interest in a character I have been following since child hood and has contrived ways to change things against original ideas, that we all liked in the first place. I am very sad. For example, I haven’t bought a singlenmutant comic in decades since Fall of the Mutants. Marvel is just sucking on great character ideas. Can’t there be a particular few who have the genetics, and/ or, genius, to be a mortal power, or an immortal born from gods or cosmic beings, to be a superhero or villain?

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