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Hulk #31 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #31 - Who is Zero/One? My guess: A new villain with a terrible name?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!  Hulk #31 is apparently the last $3.99 issue – and thank goodness.  Marvel’s top selling books are still an outrageous $4 – but at least the Hulk books are not…anymore.  The whole “8 extra pages of story” crap was not worth the extra buck.  I liked the Omegex back story – but I am pretty sure they could have fit it into the regular storyline.  Let’s get into the actual issue here…

Oh, hey look! Spawn has a guest shot in Hulk!

Jacob was a tech at the Omnisapient Corp when the Iron Man and Red were called in to take care of the creatures overrunning the place.  He was stuck in there when it exploded and is burned… well, everywhere.  Unfortunately Jacob doesn’t have anyone willing to help him – no family willing to pay to finish his skin grafts – and so he is on his own.

Zero/One - terrible name - nice boobs...

Red winds up at a barbeque and is joined by Annie – an LMD from Red’s Gamma Base.  Annie puts the situation on the table – and then they discuss bathroom and sleep issues.  Before you know it Fortean is back and sends a “care package” to Red – who jumps to detonate it so Annie is not harmed.  Meanwhile, Jacob is visited by his former co-worker – Dr, Kurinji – who was trying to connect herself to the machine before Red severed any connection.  Now though – she is no longer human but not machine – she is Zero/One.  Matrix anyone?

Red faces off against the Rock Monster!

Back with Red, the real package that Fortean dropped off was a nifty little piece of tech that accumulates rock to a walking weapon.  Kind of like that Rock Monster thing from Galaxy Quest.  Zero/One lays her plans down to Jacob.  She wants the Red Hulk out of the way so that they may create a new world.  And back with Red, he has finished off the last of the Rock Monsters and a Fortean hologram comes to apologize to Annie for dropping the weapon while she was around.  Meanwhile, back in space where the Watcher is, the Omegex is still on it’s way to Earth.

Can't wait for Watcher's revenge!

I am loving this series again!  I was bummed by the Monster Island issues – but this new direction has my interest peaked!  I am loving Fortean – and I cannot wait for the Omegex to get to Earth!  Hope Red gets some sleep – because it looks like he’ll need it – but then again, that may just kill him!  Grade: A