Hulk #31 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #31 - Who is Zero/One? My guess: A new villain with a terrible name?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!  Hulk #31 is apparently the last $3.99 issue – and thank goodness.  Marvel’s top selling books are still an outrageous $4 – but at least the Hulk books are not…anymore.  The whole “8 extra pages of story” crap was not worth the extra buck.  I liked the Omegex back story – but I am pretty sure they could have fit it into the regular storyline.  Let’s get into the actual issue here…

Oh, hey look! Spawn has a guest shot in Hulk!

Jacob was a tech at the Omnisapient Corp when the Iron Man and Red were called in to take care of the creatures overrunning the place.  He was stuck in there when it exploded and is burned… well, everywhere.  Unfortunately Jacob doesn’t have anyone willing to help him – no family willing to pay to finish his skin grafts – and so he is on his own.

Zero/One - terrible name - nice boobs...

Red winds up at a barbeque and is joined by Annie – an LMD from Red’s Gamma Base.  Annie puts the situation on the table – and then they discuss bathroom and sleep issues.  Before you know it Fortean is back and sends a “care package” to Red – who jumps to detonate it so Annie is not harmed.  Meanwhile, Jacob is visited by his former co-worker – Dr, Kurinji – who was trying to connect herself to the machine before Red severed any connection.  Now though – she is no longer human but not machine – she is Zero/One.  Matrix anyone?

Red faces off against the Rock Monster!

Back with Red, the real package that Fortean dropped off was a nifty little piece of tech that accumulates rock to a walking weapon.  Kind of like that Rock Monster thing from Galaxy Quest.  Zero/One lays her plans down to Jacob.  She wants the Red Hulk out of the way so that they may create a new world.  And back with Red, he has finished off the last of the Rock Monsters and a Fortean hologram comes to apologize to Annie for dropping the weapon while she was around.  Meanwhile, back in space where the Watcher is, the Omegex is still on it’s way to Earth.

Can't wait for Watcher's revenge!

I am loving this series again!  I was bummed by the Monster Island issues – but this new direction has my interest peaked!  I am loving Fortean – and I cannot wait for the Omegex to get to Earth!  Hope Red gets some sleep – because it looks like he’ll need it – but then again, that may just kill him!  Grade: A

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22 thoughts on “Hulk #31 (2011) – The Review

  1. I completely agree with you Ratchet. In fact it might be the best Red Hulk story Parker has written so far. I wish you had reviewed of the back up story. I have an hunch that the Mayan Crystal thing could be related to the Omegex in some way due to the comments Lyra made about a major turning point in history. Also I heard Parker might be giving the Red Hulk a love interest. It could be the LMD. Think about the fact she went out to check on him and the conversation about the robots being able or eat or do things. Or a less likely choice is zero/one. But there is no evidence for her yet.

  2. Imagine if Ross was chopped down by Zero/ One on an operating table, while awake, and made into a cyborg, taking off the bottom of his legs, for example.

  3. Oh and Ratch, it wasn’t me man. I haven’t been free to mail jack poo during the week. I doubt what I am sending will be that cool.

  4. When Parker had Thor say ” I am not the God of Reason and Understanding”…I was sold. This guy writes poetry. Dammit,…. on Ross tho!… Nice to see Banner smirking, in that long past chapter, while Thor gave Ross, Thunder and Lightning.
    Ya, Ratchet, Zero/ One has nice boobs. Exploring Ross’s psyche (love relationship with an LMD, or perhaps, Zero/ One) and past is awesome. Parker is a new star. New Rogue’s Gallery. This writer has the potential to do what Miller gave to Daredevil, even Batman, AND with a character that most of us hate. Whatever, whomever, he writes, is going to be very cool,… so far.

  5. Zeno, I realize my question wasn’t clear. I meant that when you said Annie the LMD might become his love interest, where did you hear that, because I though that right away!

    1. Actually Grey, I have to give credit to my friend King Hulk. He mentioned the idea a month or two ago on Jeff Parker’s blog. He said Jeff should give him a love interest. In reply Jeff said something like “you must have been peaking at my scripts”. Not a exact quote. Thats a pretty strong hint.

  6. Red having an affair with an android? Are we dipping into Blade Runner territory now? Parker is writing the Hulk book I want my favorite character to star in thus far – so I will have to see where he is going to go with that… if, in fact, that’s the road he’s going to travel!

    1. Even though I like the plots themselves the Red Hulk is still a difficult character to like. Of course there were periods that I thought the regular Hulk was difficult to like. The Las Vegas Mr Fixit period is one. The Grey Hulk was not a bad character in the issues from 331-345 but the period with him as a bouncer was different. In those issues he was just a sadistic jerk. There are many people here however who probably like that era.

    1. I liked the early Grey Hulk issues a lot. Then he was a reluctant antihero. The Vegas years made him just a cruel thug. Didn’t he kill a little animal in one of those stories? It was not even in self defense. I don’t believe in censorship but David should really have had better taste than even if it happened ‘off panel’. The whole mood of that year was sour but without exploring anything new. Grim for the sake of being grim. Maybe they were trying to tap into the post Dark Knight/Watchmen style so popular in late 80s comics.

  7. Pervis’ art Sucked. Cool when Grey beat Absorbing Man, tho. Gone is lost, the identity of the Hulk. Banner is Hulk G..Dmmt!

  8. Pervis’s shit should even be considered art. That was a low in the David run. Those stupid wrinkled lips and bulging eyes…I hATEd PERVIS. Almost as much as Ross.

    What kind of message is Marvel portraying as one of it’s most Fascist, Nazi like, character’s, takes on the form of our favorite character, and readers actually like it. Parker is a genius writer on a character who he did not create. Ye he is embracing the New World Order, and gaining interest, mine included. I am de-hypnotizing myself.

    Hulk is a rebel, loner, genius, and to use his name in title for this militaristic, psycho fanatic, is heresy to the interest of true fans of The Incredible Hulk. Are we about the hero, or about the man. Hulk is heroic man, Ross is less than a man.

  9. Ya, Purves, (sorry sp Ratchet.) His style was unique. Might be a cool guy. In my eyes just did not do ‘quite as well’ as McFarlane did. Huge dropoff In fact, way worse. McFarlane could portray the Hulk with his butt better than Purves did…….. OK that’s going too far, my apologies host Ratchet. You have to know that Purves drew the Thing like a bigger pineapple more than he actually was. I guess I figure Purves to be more of a portrait artist than an exciting action animator. I was really disappointed in his penciling. David’s stories were good. Keown was a savior.

  10. I know I am in the minority of people who actually liked Purves – and he was touch and go at best in his Hulk tenure – but he still, to me, will always be remembered fondly. You are entitled to your opinion though, logan – no worries bro.

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