Gary Gets into Byrne’s Hulk Head!

Hulk smokin' the gange!

Over at Gary’s blog he has done a 4 part 3 part blog.  You read that right – he did a 3 part blog posted in 4.  That sneaky guy!  Anyways, the posts are all about the Byrne years – not only a review of the Byrne issues – but what was supposed to come before he left – and maybe WHY Byrne left.  His ideas are pretty interesting – if you agree with him or not.  Check them all out here:

Published by ratchet

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2 thoughts on “Gary Gets into Byrne’s Hulk Head!

  1. LOL!!!! Hulk thinking……. What is he thinking….”I will smash all these a-holes, yet I want mellow out for a bit, before.” Awesome, Ratchet.

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