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The Incredible Hulks #625 (2011) – The Review

TIHs #625

So, Planet Savage – aka Miek’s revenge – wraps up in this issue.  Thank goodness… sorry but I was not a fan of this storyline.  Every story arc now seems rushed as they wrap up in a quick 3 issues.  I remember back in the day of Bruce Jones all the storylines were 6 issues long because that was the size of collected trades.  Now they seem to put less in the books – Marvel’s seems to be trying to find a balance of just how little they can give the fans and just how much we will still pay for it.  I have to admit – I like the HC collections – but most of them that I get are more than 50% off.  I am still looking forward to Pak’s swan song after “The Spy who Smashed Me!”

The Hulk playing dress up...

The issue begins with everyone still looking for the Hulk and the bugs attacking the Sakaarians.  The Hulks are able to take care of them – but Korg comes running out of the jungle – running from the Hulk!  The Hulk is being controlled by Miek and he starts beating on everyone.  But Miek comes along to explain things.  After WWH, inside the human’s prison, Miek changed genders and began to lay eggs.  None of the babies were strong enough to survive though, even in the Savage Land where Miek was using the Red People as hosts, the babies were not strong enough to survive.

Hulk turning on Miek

Until the Hulk – the Hulk is strong enough to host Miek’s babies – but the Hulk is, after all, the Hulk and he turns on Miek.  Smashes him right into the side of a volcano!  But that’s not the end of our old friend, oh no – then the Hulk decides to rip the babies right out of his chest and crush them right before him!  But it is Skaar who saves them.  Skaar who wants to help the babies continue to get stronger.

This is how the Hulk gets rid of heartburn!

Miek sees the opportunity to get rid of the Hulk AND have a strong host!  He tries to chem with Skaar but the Hulk puts a stop to that – and his writing career – by severing his arm.  He hits him across the Savage Land and then, ultimately, even after trying to help him, Miek falls into a deep cavern.  The Hulk returns to see Skaar with Miek’s babies walking away on his own.  And the Hulk decides it’s finally time to set his team free as well.  End of The Incredible Hulks.

The soft and squishy babies...

Good issue, like I said before, happy to be at the end of this particular storyline – now on the next!  Grade: C+