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Custom Hulk Comiquette – Planet Hulk!

Custom PH Comiquette

The Face even looks better when done up so amazingly!

If this is what the comiquette looked like upon its release – I would have happily shelled out the clams for it!  But sadly, it’s customizers who have to improve upon the mass produced SS product.  Man, I LOVE this!  I can’t explain or gush over this enough!  And the size compared to the dio… well, let’s just say there is no comparison!  WOW!

I love how the obedience disc is painted up!

 And for those of you who might ask – no I have not yet gone to my LCS and picked up the Skaar in the Savage Land issue.  I will most likely be reviewing it later this week – but feel free to let me know how you liked it!


Marvel Heroes Glass Set #2 (2011)

The Hulk Glass

Marvel seems to be releasing more and more of these sets – and I do like the ones I have seen – but I can also see myself getting to the point where I don’t feel like collecting anymore glasses.  This set is a bit different though – instead of just the image on a glass this set is colored glasses with the heroes faces on the side!

The Set

Does the image look familar?  It totally should – not only from the hat I posted earlier but also the can hugger I just posted.  So, of course you have Marvel’s heavy hitters – Cap, Wolvie, Spidey and the Hulk – blue, yellow, red and green.  Like I stated – this set is a bit different than any I have seen before – and the set is pretty cool – but they need to be handwashed… as usual – and if these images fade… well, you will be left with a strange looking colored glass. 

I just might have to seek another one of these out!