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Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man (2005)

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man

One of the best things about the ML line was the articulation – they always loaded the figures with all sorts of articulated points!  I love the fact that you can not only pose the arms and hands – but even each finger!  This figure is an excellent portrayal of the Hulkbuster figure – I actually like the 3″ figure a bit better.  But let’s get real here – who doesn’t LOVE huge action figures?  I love huge action figures and this one is no exception!

In addition to the articulation the other thing I love when it comes to action figures – the details!  And this figure has details up the wah-zoo!  I don’t have an open figure – but I have seen enough reviews and videos on this figure to know that you can open the helmet to reveal Stark’s head!  The inside has all sorts of gadgets and buttons… which makes you wonder… how does he press those buttons that high?  With his tongue?  That’s disgusting!  Can you imagine how the inside of the suit smells?  Ewwww… This is definitely worth a pick up though!

Closer look!