Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1(of 5) (2011) – The Review

Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1

THE POSITIVE: There’s a whole lot of humor in the first issue.  That makes comics so much more fun to read.  There’s also a bunch of pretty great action – you have to love people beating up Dinosaurs!  Also, there are a bunch of intersecting storylines with Ka-Zar trying to connect the Savage Land and the rest of the world, Shanna trying to “welcome” Skaar into the ways of the Savage Land, and of course Skaar fighting humongous robots and unlocking some great ancient evil from an underground prison.

Im sorry - what were you saying Shanna? My thoughts were... elsewhere.

THE NEGATIVE: Amazingly enough, there’s not too much negative to talk about here.  I mean, the art is fantastic, the story is funny, interesting and moving at a nice pace.  Overall, nothing to complain about here.

Seriously Skaar? Act like a man!

AND THE RELEVANT: I guess we can all admit at this point that Skaar was a great idea.  He came off of an amazing Hulk storyline and has continued strongly throughout.  Even how he came to be in the Savage Land and stay was a decent enough story… well, HIS part anyways.  And I will be the first to admit that he is a perfect fit for the Savage Land!  Who wouldn’t want to see a weekly bout with dinosaurs!  And, as with the Hulk storyline at the moment, this is the first issue of a mini – so I really can’t give you a definitive answer on whether or not this little series will have an overall impact.

Crap, Skaar - now you are IN for it!

CONCLUSION: You should get this comic and read it a few times.  Then read it again!

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7 thoughts on “Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1(of 5) (2011) – The Review

  1. This was a good issue. It looks like this will be a pretty good series. If anyone here has looked at the solicits then they know we will see alot of old Marvel characters.

    Speaking of which here is something I should have mentioned before. I thought the robot on the cover of issue 5 looked familiar. The solicits make it definite. I should have mentioned this sooner. Umbu the unliving from way back in Hulk 109-110. I had hunch he might appear when I first heard about this series and now it is definite. Those issue were the last time he was ever seen. This from the first time the Hulk ever went to Savage Land. The aliens who created him are the Saggiterans when they were working for the Galaxy Master. Here are the Marvel Appendix profiles below.

    1. Damn Zeno – not only are you good – you are thorough! Nice stuff! Now let’s see how the series continues – if it can keep up it’s pace!

  2. Didn’t care for TIH but really liked Skaar. The art on TIH kinda reminded me of some of the fill in artists that popped on the book in the early 90’s. They just really felt uninspired. The storyline so far is doing nothing for me. I came in expecting the worse and thats pretty much what i got. Im interested to see who they are replacing Pak with because he seems to be running out of steam.

  3. Wow – shocked to hear that – and sorry you’re not enjoying it. I am interested in seeing where they take the storyline…

  4. Agree with Mr Mordrid, Skaar was very good, but TIH just didnt do anything for me, it just seemed to lark the spark that a hulk comic should and usually has

  5. I reviewed the issue – I think there were good and bad points – but overall I think it was a pretty decent start to a new story. I want to see what’s going to happen to Betty overall…

  6. There is a important point regarding Skaar that needs to be addressed. I am surprised none of us have mentioned it before. At the end of Dark Son it was said that Hiro did not really talk to the spirit of his mother. However she should exist since she was the one who sent Skaar through the wormhole and towards Earth. So unless it was another spirit pretending to be her, she is alive. I just posted this on Gary Miller’s site and asked him if he knows of any plans for her spirit to meet either Skaar or the Hulk.

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