Daily Archives: April 19, 2011

Hulk Window Clings (2003)

Hulk Window Cling #1 - for the record, this one is on my driver's side back window

Alright, the new format doesn’t work for EVERYTHING so I will just let you know about these stickers.  I actually have a set of these already on my car – in fact, the way I met someone off the Statue Forum at my LCS because they saw the Hulk on my side windows.  THESE Hulks! I love being able to display my love for the Hulk to every stranger in a non-intrusive, totally apparent way. 

Picked them up at Harrison’s Comic Shop in Salem, MA last year some time.  Larry Harrison is there most of the time and it’s fun to bring up a pile of stuff to the register and try to haggle the prices with him – only for him to shoot every offer down and just shake his head “no”.  Man, I can’t wait to do that again!

Hulk Window Cling #2 - this one is on... well, seriously you figure it out