Daily Archives: April 22, 2011

I have to do it…

Not my favorite post in the world – BUT – I am having a little sale of things from the collection.  My friend and fellow Hulk collector is posting some things up on ebay to try to fund some very in need house repairs.  Some of my favorite things like my Hulk PF and some original art as well as some figures will be going up.  If you want to bid on anything – look here:

Hulk Items

Keep in mind there will be more things being posted for the next few days – if you’d like to make an offer for anything you see feel free to email me at greyfixit@live.com – I will consider all reasonable offers.

I hate doing it – but really, the family and my house come first.  I love my Hulk – but I love my daughter and providing the best possible place for her takes first place.  Thanks for all your support guys!