I have to do it…

Not my favorite post in the world – BUT – I am having a little sale of things from the collection.  My friend and fellow Hulk collector is posting some things up on ebay to try to fund some very in need house repairs.  Some of my favorite things like my Hulk PF and some original art as well as some figures will be going up.  If you want to bid on anything – look here:

Hulk Items

Keep in mind there will be more things being posted for the next few days – if you’d like to make an offer for anything you see feel free to email me at greyfixit@live.com – I will consider all reasonable offers.

I hate doing it – but really, the family and my house come first.  I love my Hulk – but I love my daughter and providing the best possible place for her takes first place.  Thanks for all your support guys!


16 responses to “I have to do it…

  1. Really wish you could keep it, Ratch. Also wish I had the money for it. Well, best of luck to you and your family!

  2. Sorry to hear it my friend. I can relate. I had to do the same thing with a lot of Batman stuff once.

  3. i hear you, man. i’m ebaying basically 3/4 of my collection. just need the scratch. think i’m gonna whittle the collection down to just the must-haves.

  4. Dave (JadeGiant)

    sorry to hear Ry but you gotta keep first things first – good luck man. I saw these on the bay and wondered what the story was. I must admit I like a couple of the art pieces.

  5. Oh how sad….sorry I can’t help you I am not rich girl..but I do have suggest..why not find job? like maybe work at safeway like me I am safeway staff…or maybe any other jobs to keep you going…what about your wife? did she had job? that way you can keep your Hulk stuffs.

  6. StrongestOneThereIs

    That has to suck… well look at the bright side… Avengers officially started filming today. We’ll have hulk again in the theaters in 1 year. Of course, that means a lot more merchandice you’ll want to buy Ratchet… :/

  7. Hey, if no one buys that 377’s+#372 and #376 lot, I may be interested. I mean in a way I’d hate to take part of your collection from you, but at the same time I’d love to help you out.

  8. Sorry to hear about you having to sell items, but I completely understand and support that family comes first, best wishes.

  9. Ratch is doing the right thing FAMILY FIRST. My prayers will be with you and your family, God bless.

  10. Almost sold my Hulk PF, but i sold my condo just in time, lol. I did unfortunately have to sell a ton of stuff though. I`m down to the PF, the Hulk no. 1 reproduction diorama, the grey retro hulk bowen statue and that`s about it as far as statues.

    I sold my spiderman vs. hulk dio, hulk vs. silver dio, alex ross life-size, both legendary scale busts, koto hulk, bowen (maestro, rulk, green, planet, old green, old grey), tons of the DF stuff, including the one signed by Herb Trimpe….it`s been rough but you have to do what you have to do, just keep the stuff that you like the most (if possible). I sold a bunch of the crappy action figure lines that he was in, keeping every movie fig, legends fig, diamond fig on card. i still have an impressive collection but the mass isn`t there.

    Best of luck, i know the feeling.

  11. Bowen apparently has a Mr. Fixit statue in the works, although the one i saw was green, there BETTER be a grey variant. That`s the only one i`m considering buying and that`s the one i`ve been waiting the longest for .

    • Yeah – I would have loved to keep the PF – but the high prices it’s going for was an easy desicion to get rid of it. I figure there is no way it can keep it’s inflated prices and I will be easily getting it back once it goes back down – sometime in the distant future. It is nice to know that there are option when unexpected damaged happen and you need funds to pay for it all. 🙂

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