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2011 Boston Comic Con (Part P.S.)

Hulk Plushies

I did get a few extra pieces that I’ll share – just a couple of small things – and the last piece of art I never showed off.  I will start with the Hulk mini-plush.  In the entire con I could only find one Hulk – they had a ton of the other characters – but only one Hulk.  I picked it up – and then picked up another for Lex.

Hulk Pins

I also saw this guy selling a few magnets and pins – I chose a few Hulk magnets 🙂

MM - Avengers 11-20

I did pick up a few very affordable Marvel Masterworks.  They both feature the Hulk in at least one issue:

MM - Amazing Spiderman 11-20

Last but not least – the Matt Fletcher Hulk bust I had done.  This was the last piece that I picked up – and I have to say, Uminga PH was a close second, but this Hulk bust takes the cake!  Next year I will make sure I have the funds to get a full body piece from both Chris and Matt.  Actually, I have an idea – one that I will not disclose here just yet – both Chris and Matt were on board with trying out.  Hoo-Boy – you guys will be in for a treat!  All in all – this year was one of the best Con years ever!

Matt Fletcher Hulk Bust