I got quite the irate email yesterday from a “fan” of this blog asking where the reviews for the latest comics are.  I will not bother quoting the exact email – I will just say that they were quite mad that I have not posted the reviews yet.  The title of this post was also the title of the email they sent.  So, let me explain.

The reviews are coming – but here’s the thing – I tried something new and a lot of people weren’t fans of it.  That’s okay, I liked the new format – but whatever.  I am looking to review the stories in a new way – because I have to be honest, I hate writing out the reviews the way I wa doing them before.  It’s such monotonous work recapping the issue – when all I really want to do is tell you my thoughts.  I was thinking of reviewing the issues on a point system and giving it a number out of 10 at the end – but I haven’t really thought about it too much.

Usually when lightning strikes and a great idea hits me I go at it full force – but the point system idea isn’t my strongest, or favorite, and to be honest – with such strong negative reactions from the way I reviewed the last time – I haven’t really been in a rush to try out a new format.  But I will – they are coming… this week.  I promise.


7 responses to “WHERE ARE THE REVIEWS?

  1. Hey Ratch. &^@$ that guy. This is your thing. We check it out to be entertained, not to place orders. I like the idea of a more opinionated review. I would think that most people reading it have probably already read the issues. They are checking in here to reflect and see if you liked it. Maybe that’s just me though.

  2. Andre the hulk fan

    I agree with T’s comments. If you are a proper fan you have the issue so just your opinion is enough. It needs to stay fun for you as well or why would you bother. In my case I’m three hours drive from the nearest comic shop and get my order sent to me monthly, so I’d rather not get a complete rundown as usually I haven’t got my copy of the comic yet. Do what suits you !

  3. Tomorrow is part 3 of the current Pak story. It is interesting to wonder where he is going with it. I wonder if this scholar Sophia could be the historical Pandora herself but had her memory erased. Or maybe she is the reincarnation of the original Pandora. The only problem I have had with this story is the James Bond references. They are getting somewhat annoying.

    • Really? I was quite enjoying them! But, I have to say Zeno, your predictions are always amazing to hear – and unusaully spot on. It’s like you have an encyclopedia of the MU right in your head and you pull out random facts from the past and link it to what is being told today – and BAM – then it comes true. Kudos to you bro.

      • Two weeks ago I was doing some research on Pandora in the Marvel Appendix and here is what I found. There are 3 stories about Pandora’s box. Two of them have Pandora herself in but are not as of now part of Marvel Continuity. The third only has the box but is part of continuity since it appeared in a human torch solo story. Here are the links below.

        These stories are not part of continuity.


        However this story is which only involves the box and the human torch villain does.


  4. John studniarz


    I stumbled upon yr blog a few years ago, and just dig the hell out of it. What some people may not realize is that you (obviously) don’t HAVE TO do this at all. You do it, I think, because you enjoy it and we come back because we enjoy what you share with us, be it reviews, con escspades, cool links, loeb bashing, etc.

    I don’t know you from adam -but I did send you a birthday card :)-. That being said: in response to a “fan” getting a lil pissy, i’d just like to say Thank You for sharing yr “incredible” collection with us. Keep up the great work, and know that it is enjoyed.

    People are so quick with the negativity anymore, just wanted to throw you some props…

    Yr gamma brother,

  5. Hey Rachet,
    Just to concur with the other comments here re:reviews. I want to hear your thoughts about the issue not a story recap. I used to skim the recap anyway as I read the story myself and either have already read it so know what happens, or havent read it yet and dont want to spoil my read.
    Keep up the good work.

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