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Some Quick Reviews… to catch up!

TIHs #627

Alright – If I don’t throw a review up here soon then I will just fall further and further behind – so just to catch up I will give you my thoughts on the latest issues in the Hulk universe.

Hulk #32

Hulk #32: Jacob Feinman is following Zero/One to seek out someone able to destroy Red.  Jacob is both frightened and amazed at Zero/One – who is seeking a character named “Black Fog” – and… wait, really?  Black Fog?  Watch out people!  Black Fog is coming!  “Oh no!  Not Black Fog!  He makes visibility virtually impossible!”  Seriously Jeff, I love your writing – but first Zero/One and then Black Fog?  Are villain names really that hard to come up with?  How about Black Goblin? (What? They created a new Hulk and named him the same thing with his color in the front!  Why can’t I do that?  And Black Goblin is WAY better than Black Fog!)  The better team up so far is Red and Fortean.  Fortean is a man on a mission – and he will destroy Red no matter what good deeds he seems to be doing now!  Even if they are feats that the regular Hulk should be doing instead – stopping a tornado with a thunder clap?  Awesome!  Red doing instead of Hulk?  Not so – Grade: B+

TIHs #627 - Variant Thor Cover

The Incredible Hulks (Still?!?!): Betty has helped Tyrannus steal Pandora’s Urn/Box.  Bruce still loves her – but she’s kind of a big jerk.  So, Bruce is still on the trail of Betty, now with the help of Dr. Sofia Cosimo – who happens to be an expert on the Urn/Box (although she has no idea what is in it or what will happen if it’s opened).  This issue has it all – it has the Hulk beating up on monsters – more Betty/Bruce tension and Knights in Shining Armor!  That’s right!  Knights!  Who steal the urn/box… and now Bruce and Betty have to work together again… and we know how that goes.  I like the 007 theme but – maybe it’s because I know the next storyline coming – or maybe it’s because I really am NOT a fan of this whole “Red Hulk” thing – but I am ready for this storyline to finish up and be done.  Grade: C+ 

Skaar #2

Skaar: King of the Savage Land: Awww… hell – Shanna is possessed with ancient evil.  The designer of the Savage Land – and she is seeking purity of her land.  No one is safe.  Especially Ka-Zar, whose chick is now only calling herself “The Designer” but also not interested in getting busy with him as she is in casting out his sorry ass.  Skaar and Devil Dinosaur take care of the humongous robot – but that’s about all they do – other than getting stuck looking after Shanna’s son Matthew.  What can I say about the art other than – at times it looks fabulous – and at other times I found myself thinking “What happened here?”  Grade: C+