Later Pak… in August. Hulks no more…

So – it’s official – Pak is off the book in August.  And TIHs is done.  I hope this mean that we get just a great Hulk book back – but I want to know who they have waiting in the wings to be the new Hulk scribe!


38 responses to “Later Pak… in August. Hulks no more…

  1. How many fucking times are they going to relaunch the book. My suggestion is make Rulk & Hulk into one book and make it bi monthly.

  2. So is there gonna be a New Incredible Hulk(no s on the end series)

  3. What the F?
    I don’t particularly want ANOTHER relaunch of Hulk. Would it be volume 5 now? They should just kill off Red and give Bruce his book back

  4. Nothing wrong with Red’s book. Its actually been more interesting than TIH over the last couple of months.

  5. Agreed, M. M- Red’s book has been aces. Red shouldn’t have to go away for the OG to stick around. Do we know why the heck they are canceling the book anyway? Is 600 too high for Marvel to handle?

  6. I know some of Pak’s recent stories were disappointing such as the with Zeus but it seems I am in the minority in finding the title less Hulk like than Red’s title. Parker has done a a good job with what he was given. We need to understand why we should care about Ross as a character. He has not been easy to like over the years though at points it seemed he mellowed off an on. His relationship with the Hulk is more complicated than Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. I will stop there.

  7. Racthet, are you going to review the new issue of Incredible Hulk soon?

  8. Again, good riddance to Pak. He is tired of the character and it comes through. Great ideas that have been rushed with the REAL Hulk strength awesomeness. While Rulk has been tackling new foes and perdicament, AND showing awesomeness ( blowing up the tornado ), HULK has been getting his ass handed to him by Gods, Miek, and, worse, his ex. Marvel has made Hulk into a pussy. People like Rulk coz he’s Red. New color and Such superficial adoration is repulsive to those who know that Hulk is Banner. This is Marvel’s fault. Ross is the enemy of Hulk, remember. He represents the Establishment and Hulk the Rebellion. To me, those who have followed the Hulk character and like the Rulk, really never understood the Hulk, must be a bit illiterate, and lack substance within themselves. I do admit, however, Rulk makes a good enemy. His powers are lame( i.e. power absorbtion ) to me personally. I hate Skrulls, Mimics and Adaptoids. People who take this character as a hero seriously are not real Hulk fans, in my eyes, and this Hulk and Rulk thing really have conveyed Marvels, and the readers, true colors. I just pisses me off that the Hulk has been so degraded recently. It is sickening that I waste my time and money on such drivel. Please Marvel, write stories where Hulk kicks ass again, especially Rulk’s, over and over again, to the brink of, if not to, death. Pak, I hoped that is what you would do, but Armageddon, Bi Beast (your favorite I’m sure) and Fin Fang Foom , have already have had their asses handed to them by Hulk!

    • Below I wrote that you are making a generalization with your insults… but honestly don’t you think you’ve contradicted yourself a bit by saying Red has some good stories now? You seem to be the one who is being superficial, hating for hate’s sake even though admitting the character is being handled well. JMHO

    • great statement, watch as the idiots come attacking you,

      marvel writes for the same kind of people that would like painted sh** on paper if it has Marvel as it’s publisher…

      Why are comics dying, particularly Mainstream? look at this nonsense and the fanboys who eat it up….

  9. TheStrongestOne

    ”those who have followed the Hulk character and like the Rulk, really never understood the Hulk, must be a bit illiterate, and lack substance within themselves”.

    Wow, you’re certainly painting with too broad a brush my friend. I love that you follow that up with admitting Rulk makes a good enemy… which means…at the least… you do like him… just a little. 😉

    I personally am happy with the introduction of the Red Hulk character. I always liked the idea that General Ross became the one thing he hates. But I do believe it’s over played and not deserving of his own monthly tale. The red hulk would be better suited as a reoccurring villian, a former shadow of the ‘general’ Ross, now driven into hiding and madness

  10. I think you’re making a generalization. If the stories are good like you just said… then what the heck does color have to do with it. The idea of Ross as a Hulk was the obvious conclusion to Red mystery, and I think a lot of people- myself included hoped that Loeb (or his replacement) would get into the very things that Parker has. The reveal took sooo long that people started second guessing themselves. Now that it’s out of the way, these are the natural issues Ross should have to deal with. Naturally Parker is doing a bang up job, but if he was polka dotted (well maybe then.. no) I’d still like the exploration that Parker is doing.

    I don’t think anyone liked the insane things Loeb had Red doing. I know I didn’t. But my patience paid off. Hating a character right away in my opinion (just mine) is the reason that marvel doesn’t have any long running series dedicated to any off color (pardon the pun) characters. It seems to me that a mainstream character can co-exist just fine with some screwball characters running around too.

  11. Instead of Armageddon, Bi-beast and Fing Fang Foom it should have been Juggernaut, Gladiator or Hyperion and Mangog for great comic sales.

  12. OK, it’s not that I want Marvel to become something about kicking ass all the time, and I did go on a negative rant, as I am frustrated with, to me, the Hulk’s recent, seemingly lack of presence in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the loners constantly attacked and abused by the Man.

    We live in a time where a lot of people cling the mainstream for safety.
    I appreciate the good writing of Jeff Parker, like I did with Peter David, as they have tackled intellectual and emotional issues of beings with extraordinary power. Now Ross has to deal with being a freak. Ross is the anti-Hulk, and that’s cool, and, to me, it is a little interesting to read on how an asshole deals with a new, powerful, role. I just want a more impressive HULK. I will say that I like how Pak made Banner tougher.

    Perhaps now it’s time to have a new Civil War, so to speak. Squaring off Hulk against Rulk, anti-establishment heros and villains against establishment heros and villains.

    • But again… if Red is off doing his own thing… why does there have to be a choice? What do the choices Pak made have to do with the existence of Red? Unless are you saying that more people are reading Red’s book those people and are the cause for the cancellation? Well if that’s the case, maybe Marvel shouldn’t have made TIHs bi-monthly. Plus that’s like saying the reason Superman doesn’t do as well is because people buy Batman (which also has many series with different versions of Batman now). Also I doubt Hulk won’t have a new series soon enough.

      Doesn’t clinging on to only mainstream or only “anti-establishment” characters turn both options superficial by default? If someone lumps characters into one black/white group or the other then they are obviously not giving the characters any type of chance below the surface.

      Also… I think Hulk is still the mainstream character, as hating on Red is the new thing to do. Everyone knows that if you are a real comic fan you have to hate Red.

  13. There sure is a lot of good debate going on here! I personally, feel that if Ross was turned into a monster, it should have been a different creature. The red hulk shows Marvels lack of imagination. (Planet red hulk, REALLY?) An A-bomb type would have been o.K. They could have told the same stories, but the hulk look (as well as the rediculous Hulked out Heroes) should have been reserved for the guy that has had it for 50 years.I, for one, besides this sentence will NEVER use the term Rulk.
    Maybe it’s just me.

    • I call him Red.

    • TheStrongestOne

      I think the irony wouldn’t be as impactful if Ross turned into another form of creature. The fact he turned into a hulk.. and referred to as a hulk.. something he spent years despising… really works for me.

      I just think he should come in and out of the fray as a villain like the Leader. He doesn’t need his own series you know?

      • I agree – Red should have stayed a villain. The character works as a villain only.

  14. Strongest One, have we met? Love it!

  15. Basically there is a lack of originality going on, everywhere in comics. Too many Hulks and gammas, too many mutants, too many Spider, Super, and Bat people. Too many Thors and Green Lanterns. Too many magics, cosmics, demonics, and deities. Too many skilled non-power people. There has been more than one Thing, a lot of fire people, invisibility hmm, who wants another stretchy guy? I think Daredevil is the only cool original left.

    I am a diehard fan of the original HULK. Couldn’t he have been unique?

  16. I don’t think you are a real Hulk fan because you like reading a book about Ross as much as, if not more than, the Hulk. Period.

    Red Ross is a great villain, and I love to hate him, however, he does not represent what the Hulk has been all about.

    Parker is a good writer. He probably could write about cotton candy and it would be interesting. Ross, Rulk, Red,… whomever, is a Hulk villain, at the core, and should not have Hulks name as a title.

    Loki, Mephisto, Sabretooth, Venom Doom are somewhat interesting villains who are endearing at times, have had their own titles a and their own identities.

    The fact that Marvel has allowed practically any character to get hulked out on gamma is a huge issue! Worse than all the spiders, mutants and bats.

    So Ross has a problem with nanoids in his head and can’t sleep. That’s a little interesting, but I am not that easily entertained, and would rather read about the original, Jekyll and Hyde, dark, fugitive, psychotic, rebellious, character, whose psyche and endless power actually stimulated my thoughts and awareness.

    • Got it. I will be sure to sell all my Hulk books.

      • At least now my simple mind might hope to digest these Jekyll and Hyde characters you speak of. I just hope I can stimulate my mind adequately enough to go off on tangent of steam blowing too. Good night!

      • Grey are you still interested in the idea of me writing reviews for you? I was thinking of starting a few soon. Maybe covering Jeff Parker’s run so far. That would be as of this week issues 25-33.

  17. TheStrongestOne

    We’re all real Hulk fans here, otherwise we’d be arguing on some spider-man blog… 😉

  18. Hope you guys are ready for variant city! They are definitly restarting Inc Hulk and i don’t expect an all-star writer. They’ll build whoever it is up but i don’t expect much. Moon Knight is getting better treatment.

    I hope to the Living Tribunal that they don’t start the Inc Hulk series as Nul or whatever he’s called in Fear Itself. lol, Wouldn’t that be a pat on the back to Hulk fans.

  19. Sure, man! I mean I’ve only been asking for around a year now ha! I have been reviewing the Parker Books as well as the Avengers since Red joined the team, but email me I would rather talk about it that way or on my site.

  20. For the record I guess have no problem with Red. I have been reading Hulk for ever and do want to follow Ross because I know him so well.
    BUT – I do think he should remain as a villain only
    AND – he’s not the Hulk. When Inc Hulks ends there will be one book called Hulk and it will star a guy who is not Hulk. To me that’s a huge problem. Red doesn’t even have a freaking name! “Hulk” is not a title, even though they have tried to make it so. Like ABomb is a Hulk, Korg is a Hulk. It’s all stupid to me – but at least those guys have proper names.
    Can you imagine if Venom was just called Black Spider-man and took over the Amazing Spider-man book? Retarded.

  21. I am sure Im in the minority here, but Im glad Pak is going – I havent liked any of his work – even going back to Planet Hulk. I havent liked the book since then but have kept on reading due to my love of Hulk. Hope Marvel get someone who can take the book in an interesting new direction for a few years, with an emphasis on telling good simple stories.

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