Which Format Do You Like?

Trades, trades and more trades!

I have collected way too many TPBs.  At one point I had close to 500 trades – and we’re talking the soft cover books – which were great to shove in your bag on a road trip and take off.  Sometimes it doesn’t turn into anything, like when I took off to Paris in 2003 I went to my LCS and bought a trade of Spy Boy… which was a mistake.  But other times it’s magic – In 2004, when I took a trip to London, I snagged a trade called The Walking Dead and have been a monthly buyer ever since.

Daredevil - never bought an actual comic - but I did buy these!

Recent purchases have more been swayed toward Harcover books.  Even replacing the old soft cover books I had… Infinity Gauntlet trade?  Yes, you served me well on the yearly readings I took – usually one day in the hottest week of July.  But you have been replaced by the Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcover version.  And even better?  Hardcovers rejuvenated the collected edition market – and Marvel is releasing more and more stories – like the trip to The Infinity Gauntlet collected in Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos.

I can't recommend this one enough!

I do have some very serious reservations about some of these collected issues.  The book has to be worth the price – meaning this, the books must collect issues that are difficult to track down or at the very least common books that cost a pretty penny.  For example, a few years ago Marvel released the Heroes: Reborn collections – in paperback no less – and asked for $29.99 for them.  Most, if not ALL, of the 12 issues can be found in dollar bins around the state where I live.  Why would I pay $30 for something when I can get the single issues for less than $12?

Avengers Paperback - $30? Not worth it.

I will discuss some of the different Marvel offerings in the upcoming days – but before I end the rant today I would just like to point out – patience is a HUGE virtue.  A lot of the Hardcover books end up on the sale racks – with a retail of $30 or more I have picked up most in my collection for less than $10.  And that’s not even off of the bay or Amazon – that’s from comic shops.


So, here is the question I pose to you – what do my blog readers out there prefer?  Do you like the Hardcover collections?  Stick with the slightly less expensive Softcovers?  Or do you not even bother with collected editions and like the single issues only?


3 responses to “Which Format Do You Like?

  1. Good question. It usually depends on the # of issues in the volume. I have the Hack/Slash omnibus from Devil’s Due, which is 17 issues. The cover was 24.99. Now that is a trade paperback. I have seen too many 4 issue tpb.s for that same price, and that is just a rip off. My general rule is, if the issues came out since I have been collecting, (in other words worthless) the s.c. is fine for me. I do like the archives and masterworks for the golden age stuff though. If you can’t have the oldies, at least you get a nice looking book shelf. That’s just me though.

  2. Hardcovers and Paperbacks always make nice gifts, or for myself when I have lapses in interest, and then find out I’ve missed a cool story arc. Typically, I’m old school with singles for myself. Dark Knight trade paperback 1st printing, which I have, since it’s release, not only is a prized possession, but got me into regularly purchasing Batman and Detective singles and more titles from DC for awhile. Always have been, and will be, a Marvel guy.

  3. Always has to be a single comic for me, totally agree with loganblue Hardcovers and Paperbacks make a great gifts *ryan looks at the shelf stocked with HB/TPB gifts*
    For me its great popping over to my local store every week waiting to see what the Hulk gets up to, but then i might see a new comic or something which i fancy reading which only costs a few £ (yes am from the U.K dont hold this against me) and am not commiting more cash, which in the current financial climate helps so much.

    that’s my two pennies 🙂

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