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The Incredible Hulks #628 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #628

Wow – I just wrote out an entire review – was really happy with how funny and insightful it was and then – WordPress just kicked me off and it didn’t save… holy hell I am pissed right now.  I don’t feel like writing the whole damn thing over – so I will just go through some of the finer points:

Hey! The Knights of Rome look like a purple Voldem... I mean "He who must not be named"

I liked the issue overall – but it was lacking in a few places – such as Tyrannus knocking out the Knights of Rome by hitting them in the purple misty heads with the Urn?  Really?  And Betty and Bruce’s gay Odd Couple rhetoric is getting a little… old.  They love each other – they hate each other – they need each other – they can’t get along!  Ugh…

Hulk was later heard saying "Yeah it angers me when you spit too"

I am looking forward to see is Pak is going to let Tyrannus be the arch nemesis he was created to be – and Pak seemed to try and make up for the embarrassing loss to Zeus a few issues ago with the Hulk facing a pink, misty bird with the power os Zeus.  But yeah – I don’t think this will silence the fan boys.  I liked the “Get me mad” moment – but over all, Grade: C+

Hulk doesn't get to slip the tongue often... let him have his moment...