The Incredible Hulks #628 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #628

Wow – I just wrote out an entire review – was really happy with how funny and insightful it was and then – WordPress just kicked me off and it didn’t save… holy hell I am pissed right now.  I don’t feel like writing the whole damn thing over – so I will just go through some of the finer points:

Hey! The Knights of Rome look like a purple Voldem... I mean "He who must not be named"

I liked the issue overall – but it was lacking in a few places – such as Tyrannus knocking out the Knights of Rome by hitting them in the purple misty heads with the Urn?  Really?  And Betty and Bruce’s gay Odd Couple rhetoric is getting a little… old.  They love each other – they hate each other – they need each other – they can’t get along!  Ugh…

Hulk was later heard saying "Yeah it angers me when you spit too"

I am looking forward to see is Pak is going to let Tyrannus be the arch nemesis he was created to be – and Pak seemed to try and make up for the embarrassing loss to Zeus a few issues ago with the Hulk facing a pink, misty bird with the power os Zeus.  But yeah – I don’t think this will silence the fan boys.  I liked the “Get me mad” moment – but over all, Grade: C+

Hulk doesn't get to slip the tongue often... let him have his moment...


10 responses to “The Incredible Hulks #628 (2011) – The Review

  1. (giggles) how romantic! I love romantic stuff…seeing The Hulk and Red She Hulk kissing make me smile 🙂

  2. Liked this one. I feel good with the dynamics of the dialogue and the action in this one, tho it is kind of corny. Hulk getting mad at Betty’s promiscuity….perfect. A happy ending that will be short lived. I heard that Savage Hulk will be coming back. (could be cool) or this Fear Itself thing is gonna postpone a lot of original Hulk storyline ideas away for awhile. (I dread).

    • I also liked that part of Mantlo’s run. People forget how good a character the dumb innocent Hulk was and can be. By the way the final issue of Skaar Savage Land will have Umbu from the first Galaxy Master story. That was the device to signaled Galaxy Master’s to enter a Planet.

      Roy Thomas is the first great writer for the child like Hulk. Archie Goodwin was good for his short time and Len Wein did excellent stories about him. Mantlo did a few good stories of the character early on his run. Other writers did a alright job but they did not always show what made him a tragic character.

      As honorable mention Sean Mckever and Christopher Priest but did fill in issues with the savage Hulk around 2001 and 2002 which were good. Priest’s was right before Bruce Jones’ first issue. And I will add Steve Gerber to that list for his work in the Defenders.

  3. Ya. I just re-read the Puffball Collective Crossroads saga. Bring back the N’Garai Demons please. That would be cool, instead of everyone having Hulk or Thor’s powers. Just get rid of Red and have Parker write the real Hulk (which I think they are planning to do, for the Hulk’s part at least, I hope) Just miss the seventies.;) Byrne’s splitting of the Hulk really messed things up. I think Marvel really f’d Mantlo over. Great to read someone else who writes and reads still misses Galaxy Master. Let’s bend Marvel to the will of good taste, again.

    • The crossroads saga was in the 80s. About 84 or 85 I think. Was it you who said that you thought Pak run was a disappointment and he was ripping off old stories? Or was that someone else? I like him but nobody is going to like every writer I guess.

  4. Is it interesting, or is it just me, who thinks that Klaatu is the name of that Giant Cosmic Being that Hulk and Co (Xeron and Captain Cybor) . is force to harpoon, and the same name of the alien from The Day the Earth Stood Still? Conspiracy? HA HA HAA>. Actually both Klaatu’s are benevolent to energy? Maybe? A lot of questions for no meaning or a lot? Or none. Kentucky.

    • I don’t get the Kentucky reference. Regarding Klaatu you should ask Roy Thomas. Maybe you could email him. He wrote the original story.

  5. Your right, the crossroads was the early 80’s, I meant to state that I miss the Savage Hulk of the late 70’s to early 80’s. I am disappointed with Pak, tho I do not think he is ripping off old stories. No more new characters or old characters of no consequence, please, Marvel. Maybe an evolution in the character of the actual HULK?! Marvel will, as sure as sh.t, bring on more characters that kick Hulk’s ass, whatever. It is a trend. Give him some satisfaction, and evolve his strength powers. Expand on what is, and what has made Marvel, with the original characters that made me a fan in the first place. KENTUCKY, I’m not from there, drove through, yet that word holds more interest that what Marvel is doing now. I only read and hope for the best.

    • I guess you and me are in the minority as fans of the old savage Hulk. I think Child Hulk is more accurate. You probably like Len Wein’s stuff if you do. Wein and Roy Thomas understood that character more than other writers.

      It is interesting that Peter David did not want to write this version of the Hulk yet every one of his post 2005 stories uses this incarnation. Here are the issues that I remember. First the Champions story in 2006’s giant size Hulk. The Fin Fang Foom one shot. Finally there was a Hulk series in the Marvel Adventures line which is for children. It is also outside of regular continuity. The last 5 or six issues of that series were all written by Peter David. Does anyone here know if I left any issues out?

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