Marvel Universe First Appearance Wolverine (2011)

1st Appearance Wolverine

It’s pretty much downright boring out there on the toy shelves right now for Hulk fans.  The latest wave of MU figures does have a first appearance Wolverine – and yes, I picked it up – because I am that awesome and dedicated!  And I had a coupon.  Coupons are the key!

I might be in the minority – but I think Wolvie should use this costume more – let’s bring it back!  Maybe he could defeat his opponents by making them laugh to death!  This outfit would do it!

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2 thoughts on “Marvel Universe First Appearance Wolverine (2011)

  1. I’m always going to be partial to Paul Smith’s version of the brown costume (which Byrne created) after the Phoenix saga that I started reading comics on in the early 80’s. The same time that Hulk had Banner’s brains (where I had to buy a bunch of back issues w/ the UFoes, Abomination and, of course, the first appearance of Wolverine.)

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