Hulk #33 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #33

Things are converging – all of the threats against Red are zeroing in.  Black Fog makes the first move – and plays a mean game of hide and seek!  He’s dangerous!  Not only does he kill people who aren’t really people – but he also bests Red and cuts him deep!  Zero/One is proud of her assassin, until Red drops a plane on him.

Variant A

Red ready to take on Black Fog

Fortean is tracking Red but his path crosses with Black Fog’s departure and his plane is damaged by Zero/One’s craft.  Red can’t sleep – but he needs it badly!  Let’s not forget the Omegex’s is on the way as well.  The machine of destruction is almost to Earth – and even a set of beings called the Norraks – creatures who have now devoted their lives to destroy the Omegex (for destroying and killing their planet and people).

Black Fog splitting hairs...

But, let’s just say – they are not successful.  Red does get some sleep in the end – but not after losing most of his team mates with him.  I really like Parker’s writing – he is telling some entertaining stuff – I just wish that Red had a better introduction to the MU.  I find that I am still not a fan of Red – and yes, I agree with most o the posters on here when they say it’s borderline insulting that there will be one Hulk title in September – and the Hulk doesn’t even star in it.  “Hulk” – like someone stated – is not a title, it’s a name.  Red is not Hulk.  Grade: B+

Omegex is on the way

Variant B

3 responses to “Hulk #33 (2011) – The Review

  1. Omegex reminds me of a cross between the Destroyer and Doomsday. So far so good, I like this comic. The inc Hulks comic is doing better. I thought that I would hate this story, but I’m enjoying it far better than the last story line for sure (maybe it’s because the art is good and Tyrannus is in it).

  2. R***s books is getting good these days

    Sorry Connor – I don’t allow that ridiculous name on my site. Call him Red if anything – R*** makes people sound stupid. – Ratchet

  3. Cool thats fine by me

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