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Hulk Jets (2003)

Hulk Jet 1

The Positive: What can you say about 2003?  There was so much Hulk stuff I could spend the rest of my life searching and probably never find it all!  Luckily, with the traveling I do for my job, I see A LOT of comic shops.  I bought these back in 2009 at Bedrock Comics in Framingham – and I was psyched when I found them!  I don’t have many Hulk planes or jets in the collections – so these filled a void.

Hulk Jet 2

The Negative: What can I say about 2003?  There is a ton of crap to avoid!  Maisto put out some cheap cars and jets (of which I have a TON of!).  Now, should you seek this stuff out?  Only if you are a nut like me!  Otherwise, leave it on the shelf – or where ever you find them now – and buy a Snickers!  Grade: C+ 

The Answer is…

Here is the answer: The New Warriors – Issue #11 – Artist: Mark Bagley – nice job Gary