Interesting Ebay Auction and AWESOME Ebay Auction

Wow – this may not look much like the Hulk – but it does look real.  Freaky but real… and of course – then there is an original art page from issue #6 – for anyone who can afford it!

10 responses to “Interesting Ebay Auction and AWESOME Ebay Auction

  1. LOL that look like actor from 70’s Lou Ferrison he play The Incredible Hulk tv show…lol

  2. There is something Will Ferrel about that decapitated Hulk…

  3. Wow….Ditko pages are super rare. He used to throw them away. I’m not sure it’s worth the starting price of a brand new Hyundai, but that’s the O.A. market right now. What recession?

  4. Tell me about it – OA is out of control – but I love seeing these old pages!

    • TheStrongestOne

      Come on….. what’s 14k? Sheesh… whiners! 😉

      Apparently it’s a drop in the bucket for somebody… there is a bidder.

      • Wow – like I said OA is out of control! And people are still buying it – crazy!

  5. Hey, check it out… I think he knows where you live!

  6. A big Happy Birthday to Ratchet!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!!!

  7. Here’s a better image from Chris Samnee (and a happy birthday to our dear author):

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