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Deadpool #37

Hey look!  The Hulk is in… oh crap – it’s Deadpool.  Oh well, at least the REAL Hulk is in another comic on the shelves.

The Incredible Hulks #629 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #629

The Good: I… I… ummm… Man, I am real conflicted with this issue.  I was giving it a real chance and was even a fan of the whole “Bond” theme.  But this issue – as it kind of wrapped up… left me without a whole lot of “Good” to talk about.  I did like that Tyrannus finally came out as a true villain again.  Up until now he wasn’t DOING much but he finally had an upperhand he was happy with – enough that he tried to take the Hulk on.

Red Blood? I could have sworn... nevermind

I was also excited that the urn was broken open and we got to see what was inside – only to be sort of underwhelmed with what it did… which was nothing, really.  The Hulk, of course, took care of it and it was great to see Pak actually have the Hulk do something that wowed people – but the celebration is short-lived.

Hulk saves the day - by inhaling...

The Bad: See, here’s the thing, I’m really aggravated with the whole Red Hulk saga and how people have bought into it.  It’s frustrating to see Marvel give the Red Hulk his own series and continue to make the Hulk share his spotlight – with none other than the Red She Hulk.  Who, I might be mistaken here – but I don’t recall anyone saying it – doesn’t have the fan base that even Red Hulk has.  Betty Banner is a great character – but Red She Hulk… is not.  And now, according to the issue, Betty is gone.  But even worse – when the world needed help – help for a mess that SHE was responsible for creating – she asked the Hulk to walk away!  WTF?  Walk away and let other people deal with it?  SHE’S one of the parties involved in getting the urn in the wrong hands – and then blames the Hulk when he goes back to finish the job… what is THAT all about?

And, can Marvel finally decide on what color Hulk’s blood is?  Is it green?  It has been – and just recently!  But in this issue it’s red!  I would buy that it is green – but we need to keep it consistent – something Marvel has issues with.  I am a fan of the bittersweet ending – but these issues leave a sour taste in my mouth – he keeps getting the short end of the stick and doesn’t really “win”.  This is one of the main problems with the Hulk having others to rely and watch over.  If something happens to one of them – the character Hulk feels bad – but the readers are left wondering why they should care.

Betty's gone... for good... then again - Cho thought Talbot was the real thing

Conclusion:  I like Pak – I think his writing on many of his series has been interesting and fun – but… I think his final issues of the Hulk are lackluster thus far.  I want to think that he is building up to an amazing swan song – something that will make people re-evaluate this whole second run.  Let’s just call it “my first impression” grade.  I’ll have another chance to look back at it after Pak wraps things up – but for now – Grade: D