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Amazing Spiderman Annual #38

While it’s great to see the Hulk in more issues – he has almost NO time in the issue above!  And below… well, crap it’s more Deadpool!  WTF?  Next Up – Incredible Hulk Annual!

Deadpool Annual #1

Hulk #34 (2011) – Planet Red Hulk – The Review

Hulk #34 - Planet Red Hulk

The Positive: Much like any sequel there is going to be a sense of deja vu.  But, with any good sequel they can make that deja vu still seem new.  As an example I ask you to look at “The Hangover” as a BAD sequel.  All they do is tell the same story in a new location – you spend the whole movie saying “Yeah, I saw this already.”  Now, in comparison, you spend this comic saying “Okay – I’ll buy that.  Keep going…”  Ever since Parker took over Red he has made a character born from lunacy and greed and made him a worthwhile read. 

Nobody's home....

Red’s not making feats of outrageous proportions with no real explanation anymore – now he explains how he gets into space – and here’s a hint – it’s not by jumping (like he did under Loeb’s script).  How he lands on another planet and what happens while he’s there is both interesting and fast paced.  Some say too fast paced – but I rather enjoy Parker not wasting space with filler to draw out the story for a thicker trade and bigger price tag.

Let’s not forget the biggest plus of all though – and that is that Carl Pags is back!  Who else would you want to draw a PH storyline other than Pags himself!

The Welcome Party Sucks...

The Negative: Red Hulk is making a whole new fan base – a base that contains some that even admit in never liking the original Hulk.  But let’s look at the Red of today… chased by the army (check), trying to be a hero (check), I mean – they like Red because – HE’S THE HULK!  Parker is telling Hulk stories only he’s using Red to do it!  Anyone not keen to that fact is kidding themselves – and more so – I don’t care how good Planet Red Hulk will be – it’s still an insult to the original.

How did the Hulk end up here? Who sent him?

What happened to Red’s overheating response to getting angry – does he not do that anymore?  Am I forgetting something – maybe Grey can help me out with that one.  It just seems like there were too many stupid powers to keep track of and they still come and go at will.  And what’s up with there being 3 variants for last issue and then NO variants for Planet Red Hulk?

You don't mess with a Hulk!

The Conclusion: I like Parker – I like his Hulk stories – I just wish it was the Hulk that was starring in them.  Still, you can’t deny a good story when you’re reading one – no matter WHO is the star of the book – Grade: A-