Hulk #34 (2011) – Planet Red Hulk – The Review

Hulk #34 - Planet Red Hulk

The Positive: Much like any sequel there is going to be a sense of deja vu.  But, with any good sequel they can make that deja vu still seem new.  As an example I ask you to look at “The Hangover” as a BAD sequel.  All they do is tell the same story in a new location – you spend the whole movie saying “Yeah, I saw this already.”  Now, in comparison, you spend this comic saying “Okay – I’ll buy that.  Keep going…”  Ever since Parker took over Red he has made a character born from lunacy and greed and made him a worthwhile read. 

Nobody's home....

Red’s not making feats of outrageous proportions with no real explanation anymore – now he explains how he gets into space – and here’s a hint – it’s not by jumping (like he did under Loeb’s script).  How he lands on another planet and what happens while he’s there is both interesting and fast paced.  Some say too fast paced – but I rather enjoy Parker not wasting space with filler to draw out the story for a thicker trade and bigger price tag.

Let’s not forget the biggest plus of all though – and that is that Carl Pags is back!  Who else would you want to draw a PH storyline other than Pags himself!

The Welcome Party Sucks...

The Negative: Red Hulk is making a whole new fan base – a base that contains some that even admit in never liking the original Hulk.  But let’s look at the Red of today… chased by the army (check), trying to be a hero (check), I mean – they like Red because – HE’S THE HULK!  Parker is telling Hulk stories only he’s using Red to do it!  Anyone not keen to that fact is kidding themselves – and more so – I don’t care how good Planet Red Hulk will be – it’s still an insult to the original.

How did the Hulk end up here? Who sent him?

What happened to Red’s overheating response to getting angry – does he not do that anymore?  Am I forgetting something – maybe Grey can help me out with that one.  It just seems like there were too many stupid powers to keep track of and they still come and go at will.  And what’s up with there being 3 variants for last issue and then NO variants for Planet Red Hulk?

You don't mess with a Hulk!

The Conclusion: I like Parker – I like his Hulk stories – I just wish it was the Hulk that was starring in them.  Still, you can’t deny a good story when you’re reading one – no matter WHO is the star of the book – Grade: A-

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12 thoughts on “Hulk #34 (2011) – Planet Red Hulk – The Review

  1. Tbe art and writing are great. The concept of an aging man taking on the immense physical power and virility of a Hulk is a little interesting, as I get older, but I still have to get back to reality and realize that Hulk is Banner, green, mean, and the personification of the opposite of the genius scientist geek, WHO TURNS INTO the physical, cunning, beastly warrior, as Hulk.

    As a Hulk fan I cannot accept Red Ross as a hero, rather as a being who Hulk should match and defeat in every concept of battle. The beauty of the Hulk is his DUALITY (scientific artistry into most powerful force of strength in the universe ) and that is lost with the promotion of Ross as Red for the sake (sales) of a whatever. I like Red as a villain, not a champion.

    Marvel has been coming up short on the quality of stories, from the plot to the writing and art on the real Hulk. Curse you Marvel. Red blood on the Hulk is a real slap in the face, idiots. Yea, keep the Ross’ powers straight you lazy boobs. If the Hulk does not kick this characters ass again soon and over again, you shall see how stronger a Hulk gets when he gets enraged. (As anyone can become a Hulk now, Ass H’s.)

  2. I agree – Hulk needed a better rouge’s gallery as it is – and they took what could have been an excellent villain and gave him a book with the Hulk title and then made him a hero. Such a waste…

  3. It’s amazing with all this negativity that Parker still tells a compelling story – one that makes me want to pick up the comic over and over – everytime I finish an issue I say to myself “That was a great HULK comic – with the wrong Hulk”

  4. Yea. Parker has been great at writing this character humorous and engaging. Red IS a great character on his own. He is not Hulk though.

  5. I mean that Parker has taken what can be interesting about Red and is utilizing it very well. Wish it was Hulk using all that cool dialogue and doing cool things. The art in this story is great. Like how they are greying Reds crazy hair.

    1. Ive had conversations about this with non Hulk fans. These people like the come-and-get-some “bad ass” cocky attitude of the Ross’ Red Hulk, where they find Bruce Banner weak, uninteresting brainy and boring. Explains why the Red Hulk outsells the green.

      1. Funny – because the Hulk has had that bas ass attitude. And how do they feel lately now that Ross is trying to make ammends?

        Even funnier – these are classic Hulk stories that parker tells in Red’s book – classic Hulk tales.

      2. Why not have M.O.D.O.K. other character’s arch nemesis with the Red gamma/ cosmic beam. There is already Red Skull, Norvil, Omega Red and the Red and Crimson Dynamo but we’d have Charles Xavier as Red Juggernaut and Osbourne as Red Goblin. Even better, Reed Richard as Red Galactus.

    1. I thought it was very good. Parker is telling a good story and the artwork is also well done. If you have seen the previews for 36 Zzzax is coming back. Ross was merged with back in Al Milgrom’s run. I think Zzzax only one made one appearance since that in a She Hulk issue. Anyone here think the new Modok might be behind Ross getting stuck here? As for these aliens I talked before on the possibility they could be Shadow People. The mindroot itself is sort of similar to the Spikes creatures.

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