Alright Hulk Fans!

Where did this image come from?

The last time I posted a page Gary M got it right away – I wonder if this panel will be as easy… maybe…

Guess the comic, issue and artists…


17 responses to “Alright Hulk Fans!

  1. So – did I stump you all? Is that why I have no answer yet?

  2. Got me on the specifics, but it was around 1988, right?

  3. I am guessing a early 90s comics. Not sure though.

  4. I will give the date – maybe it will help people find the answer. 1992 – good luck!

  5. well the thing is in his pineapple version so thats a clue……wolverine on the front, probably an x-men related book……i give up 🙂

  6. I think I have finally stumped everyone! Nice!

    I will post the answer when I post a new panel…

  7. 1992…
    Infinity War, I guess…

    • Wow – Good Guess – alright, here’s another clue – it has something to do with the What If? stories – although it’s not a What If? book…

  8. Ha! Quasar in the top right corner.
    Quasar v1 #30
    Joel Zulueta & Pat Broderick

  9. I thought it was Quasar. The Hulk library however told me he only appeared in issues 38 and 39. After getting those two issues I could not find this panel anywhere. Maybe someone could would update the Hulk library’s site. Does any know who runs that the Hulk library?

    • That’s why you need to look at MY guest list on COMICS 4 page – my list is WAY more comprehensive Zeno – and I’m still working on it!

  10. Maybe the Hulk Library, like the Marvel Chronology Project, only list stories about the Hulk from the mainstream Marvel 616 reality.

  11. Marvel and their false advertising. Quasar is just a copy o Green Lantern.

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